Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My Fitness Journey

 Hey whats up hello my new (and old friends) out of no where i have had a handful of fun fitness accounts join the clan. Which is wild because i have been wanting to pivot a little more to fitness. (The life change that is coming up is going to make fashion a little more difficult but fear not it will still be in the mix) but i thought I would share some fitness facts about me before we jump into more fitness content!

1. Im on a fitness ~lifestyle~ I workout to push myself and feel healthy.

2. Im not training for anything (i mean you could say im training for the army physical fitness exam) but other than that i love to stay active and get stronger everyday.

3. Diet is my weakness. I do mainly whole 30 due to being gluten free. I do count macros but i am more on the flexible dieting.

4. I have been on this journey since 2006 and sometimes i have major wins and sometimes i have major loses! But that is with every aspect of life. I look forward to doing this fitness journey together!

gym shark is my favorite workout gear. I find their stuff is made for women with more athletic bodies. And the shoes are target i find for lifting i want flatter shoes instead of more structured for running. (Shoes make the biggest difference!!)

Last thing my dog kept trying to run away (which he never does) so i made him take a picture as punishment;) he does not look happy

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My Deployment Emotional Cycle: Pre-deployment

*Note* Everything in this post is the opinion of myself. In no way is this the opinion of the the military. All opinions are my own.  

I am going to be so candid and ~real~ about my deployment story. My story is not unique but I found as a female in the army I had a hard time relating to other people's stories/ There really are not a whole lot of people like me who I could turn to.

I have known I was going to deploy since the end of summer last year. Which has essentially given me a year to prepare. Some super smart person has come up with the emotional cycle of a deployment. 

1. Pre-deployment (varies)
2. Deployment (1st month)
3. Sustainment (months 2 thru 5)
4. Re-deployment (last month)

5. Post-deployment (3-6 months after deployment)

The Pre-deployment phase for me looked like so much denial. I kept it all inside did not talk about it with anyone then finally someone close to me said, "Bridgette you are not going to go study abroad in Paris. You need to deal with this head on". 

So at that point I started opening up with close friends and getting the help I needed to deal with stress on my own. (I mean having to pack up all my stuff, tell my job about it, travel every other week, dealing with other soldier's emotional cycle... it was a lot and all at once).

 I had to sit down with family and pretty much say the same thing to them. I think it took me until about April (about the same time my relationship turned into a distance relationship) Where I got to the last part of the Pre-Deployment emotions acceptance and ready to go (so I can start counting down the days until I get come home not count down until I leave). 

It took me a lot to get to that point. Now that I am fully ready to go and have been through the emotional cycle, my loved ones are going through it. 

They are going through the fear of the unknown, the upset feelings, the stress. So now that I am at my state, I am having to now prepare my loved ones for this fun little adventure. This part was not what I was prepared for! haha

I thought I would update you all on where I am at, and share something that I never even knew about! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Round Up

Hey whats up hello! Okay life has been in the fast lane lately. I am deploying in September for 9 months, and I have known about it since last August. I feel like I have been trying to put 2 years into 1, so Family, friends, and the boyfriend have been the number 1 priority. Leaving the blog in disarray. (Sorry crew) I promise more life updates will come and probably come November you will tell me to stop posting so much. 

Before that, I will leave you with a little story. I have been getting ready to move and moving is horrible. To anyone who is moving or will ever move PAY TO HAVE IT DONE! Save up the extra couple of hundred of dollars and pull the trigger. 

I have two car loads of ~stuff~ and I still need to get rid of more. Even with so little stuff when I get back next year, and move to my new place (hopefully ((I say hopefully because after this year anything can happen)) a ~nesting~ aka place I will be for more than a year) I have promised myself to just get movers. 

That being said I have had so many great ideas for this blog and I know exactly where I want this to go. With the move my stuff has been all over the place. Physically. I did my last youtube video a month ago, and I had 5 million more ideas. But I could not for the life of me find my camera. #Ugh. I used it to get the memory card out in my new apartment and I could not find it anywhere. 

My power kept going out every time I went to film and its not an excuse, but I am getting pretty bleh about video haha!

But here is a link round up about everything I have been looking at! 

This was so cute 

The Best Music Video//  I may or may not have memorized this whole dance. ( I have) Okay so I saw a clip on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. I searched the music video and oh my gosh it is the best one I have ever seen. (Okay also not saying a lot because my favorite movie is mamma mia). He does describe himself as a romantic sociopath. As a PSA I would say great at first, but horrible there after. 

Jeeze// There are so many things brands do to market themselves that annoy me. (I mean do we have to sexualize everything... aka  mascara, lipgloss, sweatshirtsThis just brings to light some of the things that are a little out there. 

Stop Caring// I do not know where this video was going, but what I took away from it is no one knows what you weight, nor do they care, so why should you. I have struggled my whole life with accepting my body and this just goes to show NO ONE THINKS ABOUT IT.

Family// This is such a family conversation. I feel like my family can never get on the same page what we want to wear. It is kind of comical, and this was relatable. 


Monday, July 2, 2018

White Dress Best

Happy Summer! In Des Moines it went straight from snow to 100 degrees outside. We never got any good weather, but we are dealing with it! 

When it comes to summer I love a good white dress. It is hands down my favorite look (well for the whole year too). I love how crisp and airy it looks. Here are my favorite looks for this summer. 


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Home Chef Review

I was target marketed so hard on this, I kept hearing about groceries sent to your door and I was just getting into the whole being an adult and making menu thing. I was actually pretty good at it, and my goal was to start making every single meal and all my snacks. I wanted to get to the point where I was eating no processed foods. 

This was going great until I started traveling all the time. I noticed when I started traveling all the time food became something I barely thought about and I started spending a ton of money on eating out or just eating a ton of unhealthy food. I noticed that my wallet was not exactly happy. a) eating out is expensive b) when you go out of town a lot you have food but you have to end up throwing it away because you have too much/ it spoils.

So I noticed home chef, and tried it a couple of times. Due to UPS issues (UPS in des moines is not exactly 10/10) but once I got on a regular schedule, home chef started working a lot better.

Home Chef allows me to not have to think about meal planning or grocery shopping. I mean the grocery store I love, just getting there and back is 30 minutes. Home Chef eliminates that trip, I do not have to think about what I am going to eat. 

At first I started getting it only when I was out of town, now I am to the point where I get it pretty much every week. This also helps me stay on budget because I am not impulse buying anything because at the grocery store I do that all the time. 

As for the meals, they are pretty darn good too. You do not have to have 7,000 spices in your pantry to have a yummy meal because they give you everything you need for your meal. I do not believe they do a gluten free option ( I have a super weak stomach so I live a gluten free life) However, If you are already gluten free you can easily substitute for a gluten free option. 

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