Monday, May 14, 2018

Round Up

I’m heading to El Paso! Another trip to Texas! So you know I will be sporting my Texas ring. If you have been following around for a while, you know El Paso was hands down the most eye rolling experience. It was super emotional, I missed a flight on my way back home. Just overall not a fun experience. 

THIS TRIP! Will most likely be a lot more low key. Obviously there for work, but my college best friend actually lives in El Paso! And  I have a fun shoot planned (if you are in Des Moines I’m doing 1 hour shoots for 40 dollars- Email me at if you are interested #ShamlessSelfPlug)

Also I was in Wisconsin this past weekend, now I am heading to El Paso, and this weekend I am taking a trip to the west coast. 4 different cities in 1 week. I am kind of low key excited to never travel ever again. Like ever. BUT it was everything I wished for when I graduated college. So be careful what you wish for, ladies;)

So happy Monday, and off we go! Here are some links for my other travelers to look at while you are in line at the airport.

Instagram Changes// I am so sick of hearing about the algorithm, and it is always the same types of people that complain about it. Here are some changes that are happening to instagram. 

This Dress// If I had somewhere amazing to be for New Years Eve, this is what I would be wearing. 

I am a Sucker// This is such a sappy post, but I love this little love story journey. 

On the Opposite Side// I am also a sucker for a good petty break up announcement;)

The Best Classic Dress// This lilly dress will never go out of style.

Millennials// This article is so funny. Talking about how millennials go through so much to live in a city. I am hash tag guilty. I drive an hour every morning and evening to make sure I can stay in the city.

Garden Party Dress// This dress is so stunning, if you have a big event this summer go with this.

My Mini Obsession// I am low key obsessed with personal finance. This was an interesting take. 

Going off that// I am so sick of the "salaries have to hush hush" People say it will only make people jealous, but what about the people who are doing the more work for less pay? I am not promoting this, but I thought it was an interesting discussion. 

Swim Suit// 1 pieces are not the best on me, BUT my sister got this suit and it was hot fire flames on her. 


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