Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Legging obsession

I have never been on the athleisure trend. I am a type of person for the large part of my fitness journey I was wearing a uniform and using a gym that all of my "coworker" used as well. I basically was wearing a paper bag tshirt and nike shorts (hands down the best invention of the 21st century) 

Now there are many things in women fashion that I hate. I hate heels, I can't power walk to a meeting across the building or even walk the length of a football field of the parking lot to my office. I can't squat down and get a good measurement (Remember I work in "construction").

Long nails. Who on what planet made these fashionable? I could not even take my contacts out last night let alone hold a power tool. 

One thing I love about women's fashion. Leggings. Seriously Nike shorts are great, sweats are horrible, but leggings are 10/10. I recently got back into health and fitness and I motivated myself by getting some new cute leggings.

Here are some others I love! 

Four// Five// Six
Seven// Eight// Nine

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