Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blogger Life: Social Media: Keeping it Social

“Are you keeping social media social, or are you trying to create genuine connections [or genuine art] or are you trying to build your ego” - jenna kutcher 

Oh my gosh Jenna Kutcher is a goddess. Seriously though, I think she has been the only person to have enough guts to say something like that. It is so true though. I’ve thrown out the questions before “why do you care about the algorithm change” and the answer is ALWAYS “because it’s harder to build a following”. 

Well why do we want to build a following? I mean this is a case study of one but the last time I checked the algorithm doesn’t effect how YOU can engage with people or how others can engage with you.

So in the words of Jenna Kutcher. “Is social media social for you, or is this just one big marketing campaign for you?  Are you posting and ghosting?”


Monday, May 14, 2018

Round Up

I’m heading to El Paso! Another trip to Texas! So you know I will be sporting my Texas ring. If you have been following around for a while, you know El Paso was hands down the most eye rolling experience. It was super emotional, I missed a flight on my way back home. Just overall not a fun experience. 

THIS TRIP! Will most likely be a lot more low key. Obviously there for work, but my college best friend actually lives in El Paso! And  I have a fun shoot planned (if you are in Des Moines I’m doing 1 hour shoots for 40 dollars- Email me at if you are interested #ShamlessSelfPlug)

Also I was in Wisconsin this past weekend, now I am heading to El Paso, and this weekend I am taking a trip to the west coast. 4 different cities in 1 week. I am kind of low key excited to never travel ever again. Like ever. BUT it was everything I wished for when I graduated college. So be careful what you wish for, ladies;)

So happy Monday, and off we go! Here are some links for my other travelers to look at while you are in line at the airport.

Instagram Changes// I am so sick of hearing about the algorithm, and it is always the same types of people that complain about it. Here are some changes that are happening to instagram. 

This Dress// If I had somewhere amazing to be for New Years Eve, this is what I would be wearing. 

I am a Sucker// This is such a sappy post, but I love this little love story journey. 

On the Opposite Side// I am also a sucker for a good petty break up announcement;)

The Best Classic Dress// This lilly dress will never go out of style.

Millennials// This article is so funny. Talking about how millennials go through so much to live in a city. I am hash tag guilty. I drive an hour every morning and evening to make sure I can stay in the city.

Garden Party Dress// This dress is so stunning, if you have a big event this summer go with this.

My Mini Obsession// I am low key obsessed with personal finance. This was an interesting take. 

Going off that// I am so sick of the "salaries have to hush hush" People say it will only make people jealous, but what about the people who are doing the more work for less pay? I am not promoting this, but I thought it was an interesting discussion. 

Swim Suit// 1 pieces are not the best on me, BUT my sister got this suit and it was hot fire flames on her. 


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Fitness Update

I’m going to post a full blown fitness journey soon. But for the mean time let’s talk about now! My word for this year was “health” which was going great. I started small. Then in March one thing after another just kept coming up, and I just started stress eating nacho cheese like crazy (I mean hey I’m human too) it took me about two month to feel the effects. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been back on the fitness train.

And let me tell ya! It’s freakin hard! I’m surrounded by yummy Snacks at work all day. Going for a run isn’t exactly ~fun~ BUT. I’ve kept with it for the past could of weeks. AND it has finally gotten easier! 

I am a hill runner. I’ve always loved running on hills and I just moved into a neighborhood with a TON. The hills have been hard, the last stretch to my home has One huge long hill. And I haven’t been able to get to the top without stopping. Yesterday was the first day the hills did not phase me, and I was able to run up the huge hill without stopping. 

For me the beginning stages of getting back into the swing of things is soooo hard, but the longer I stick with it the easier It gets. Also seeing and feeling results is a great motivator too!

So no matter where you are on your fitness journey, keep rocking it out to live your healthiest life. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tips For Moving

Moving was hard. I donated alllll of my furniture/ sold it (Which was super daunting, but am happy I did it) I moved 10 blocks over and it took me forever. I swear I would get home from work and go 6 hours nonstop for a couple of days to get across town. It took forever, and I did not even have a whole lot of stuff!

1. It is going to take a long time. I honestly thought that I was going to get this done in 6 hours on a Saturday. I. Was. Wrong. It took so much time. If I were to do it over again (say in two months) I would start packing up about two weeks before. 

2. Take the help. Sooo many people will offer to help. You think you do not need it but take it. Ever moving thing that could go wrong, went wrong. Take the help you can't do it by yourself.

3. Salvation army will pick up your stuff from your home for free if you donate. I know most cities where they charge you 20 dollars to throw it away!

4. Hire help! Most movers cost a couple of hundred dollars. Just go for it, and that will be taken care of in a couple of hours. 

5. Pack your important stuff with your suit case. I could not for the life of me find my check book or a contact case. Pack all the important things for an easy grab! 


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Legging obsession

I have never been on the athleisure trend. I am a type of person for the large part of my fitness journey I was wearing a uniform and using a gym that all of my "coworker" used as well. I basically was wearing a paper bag tshirt and nike shorts (hands down the best invention of the 21st century) 

Now there are many things in women fashion that I hate. I hate heels, I can't power walk to a meeting across the building or even walk the length of a football field of the parking lot to my office. I can't squat down and get a good measurement (Remember I work in "construction").

Long nails. Who on what planet made these fashionable? I could not even take my contacts out last night let alone hold a power tool. 

One thing I love about women's fashion. Leggings. Seriously Nike shorts are great, sweats are horrible, but leggings are 10/10. I recently got back into health and fitness and I motivated myself by getting some new cute leggings.

Here are some others I love! 

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