Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why I joined the Military

I have interviewed a handful of my military friends about their experience but I have never talked about why I joined or what I do! *Nothing in this blog Is associated with the ideas of the military all opinions and ideas are my own* 

How did I join the military? 

Well let me say this, most of my cousins and uncles were in the military. It was not the biggest surprise that I joined, except for me. 

I skipped my senior year of high school and I went to school at Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) my family ended up transferring to Michigan.

I was getting super homesick from being 4 hours away so I thought moving with them would be the best move. HOWEVER, I would not do this unless I got an internship AND was going to go to a big10 school. 

Both ended up happening HOWEVER. two weeks before school started my parents were like “hey we can’t pay for you to go to MSU.” So I replied (like the sassy brat I am) that I was going to join ROTC, thinking they would be like “no you can’t do it”

That day we made an appointment, and I was going to try out ROTC. I ended up loving the people and I signed a contract at the end of the semester. 

Okay, that’s great. That was college, what do you do now?

So I graduated from undergrad in 2016 that same day I commissioned as an army officer. (You can see the post here, and here is proof that I talk about this haha) I went the army reserves route which means you meet for one weekend a month. 

From there I went to basic officers leadership course which is three months to learn the role I would actually be doing in the army, which is Human Resources. 

After that I went to my unit and became a platoon leader (manager is how I would explain it). And I get to lead 20 amazing soldiers. 

Overall review of the job? 

I have super conflicting feelings about this. I think this is an amazing job for young people, or single people, or people who are wildly independent. The army is an amazing way to give yourself and your family and better way of life, trust me they will take care of you. I thoroughly enjoyed the military the first couple of years I was in. This job put me in high stress situations I never imagined I would be in, I learned how to deal with those things, I have gotten to do things I never imagined I ever would, and at a young age it gave me a good sense of self. Which is hard to put into words but I really learned who I was, and I can honestly thank the military for guiding me through that. I learned all of this and I just have a desk job.

That being said the military is amazing, and honestly I look at it as my greatest achievement. I mean getting to the point of being into the military and maintaining a career is a stressful and hard thing and looking back I’m so happy I was able to do it. 

However, I’m proud of that, but the thing that makes me happiest is being with my loved ones. And being in the military makes that hard sometimes. So for me that is my constant struggle. I am still learning balance, but I know I am lucky for this whole experience. I always say "I am wearing the best jersey for the best team". 

Overall, the military has been a huge part of my life lately, and I thought I would share that with you all!

So there you have it a little extra slice of my life! 


  1. Thanks for your service. I'm glad you have enjoyed it so much.

  2. My daughter was part of JROTC and it was the best experience for her. I still encourage her to go into the military but I think she is interested in pursuing business. Thank you so much for your service!


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