Friday, April 27, 2018

Traveling Hacks You Probably Did not know

Ah so I travel a lot during the year. I travel for work, fun, and to see family. Last year I traveled 25% of the year and this year just a little bit more! Spending a lot of time on the road or up in the air you learn some great hacks. 

TSA PreCheck- If you travel 3 or more times during the year, or exclusively during the holidays get TSA PreCheck. I promise this is the most life changing travel hack. Most of the time I travel on Monday mornings, and guess what. So does everyone else! I have made flights single handedly due to the fact that I have TSA PreCheck.  

Wine Opener- I have bought 2 wine openers in my whole life. To be honest, even in college I refused to buy a wine opener, and I became a hot fire flame of a wine opener. I am not even kidding I can open a wine bottle with anything. That being said, clean out your bag every single time before you head out and start packing. BECAUSE every single time I have flown in the past year. TSA pulled me over because I had a wine bottle opener. Where do they come from? I honestly do not know. I think TSA just gives it

Wine- Okay, say you do drink wine, and you are on a longer term trip, or you are celebrating. Prosecco's cork pops off and you do not need a wine opener. 

Suit Case- Get a good suit case. Last year I kept debating splurging on a suit case or not, and it is the biggest game changer. Something that allows you to pack perfectly, and feel light when you are trucking through an airport is the best. 

Play by the Rules & Ask Questions- The travel industry makes money off of your mistakes. They have super strict rules, and are only getting more strict. Also the travel industry is fast. If you are confused or do not understand, then ask! There has been times where I have been charged with the silliest things. Take a double look, because things are always changing. 

Safety vs Price- Trust me I am a cheapo, but I will let you know that spending a couple of more extra bucks to make sure you are in a better neighborhood will make you all the more relaxed. 


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