Saturday, April 14, 2018

The sing behind the ring

This is my little Texas ring. I have been wanting a pearl ring for forever. For those of you that do not know I actually grew up in Texas for 10 years. So Texas hold a certain vibe in my heart. BUT that’s not what this is about. 

I asked my Platoon Sergeant (my military cohort) if I could wear it in uniform (he said probs nah) I came back from putting it in my bag and my platoon (the handful of soldier that I have the honor of leading) and they all looked nervous and they were like “ma’am is that a promise ring” I laughed and told them that I was not 12 years old so no hahah. For someone who shares a ton on the internet I’m a super private person, so they are always trying to creatively get info out of me. I thought that was hilarious. 

This past year i have had a lot of emotional moments in Texas. Going back to last August I found out I was deploying, and I attended a training conference in El Paso. This was a loooong week of planning the next year and just a ton of emotions for the unknown.

Then this past October i headed to Houston after Hurricane Harvey. I went to help out the Houston branch with my job. Because what people sometimes forget it is the people helping do the reconstruction were also affected by the hurricane. I work in what is called a manufacturing industry. I would call it being in the construction industry. But what I think of it is ✨exterior design✨ apparently I can’t call it that though. Going into peoples homes that were completely destroyed was so eye-opening and heartbreaking. One day of destruction can cause months of rebuilding.

This past weekend I was in Dallas for more deployment information. This one was more for how to handle finances and family matters and overall dealing with the lifestyle of being deployed. Families were allowed to come to this and it was interesting to see how much they went through during an deployment as well. 

Lastly! I’ll be deploying out of Texas! I wanted a ring to kind of remember everything that has happened and will happen in that state. So there you have it! 


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