Sunday, April 22, 2018

Life Round Up

Hey what is up, hello. I have not had a weekend off in forever. So this weekend had pockets of naps and lots of time hanging out. Overall, so lucky to get a weekend doing nothing.

I was suppose to have all of Thursday to clean my apartment and pack it up. However, something more fun came up (can you say champagne bar) and I ended up going to that instead of doing what I planned on doing all week. Friday, I luckily got off a little earlier due to having later meetings all week. I no joke spend the moment I got off until dinner plans running around like a crazy person getting ready for this move. 

May was probably the worst month for me to move, due to the fact that I was gone 3/4 weekends in April. ALSO, I am gone the last week in April. SOO I am now thinking what on earth was going through my mind. 

BUT I have to keep reminding myself that the laundry situation in my apartment is the worst thing I have ever experienced. It was so bad, and I did not feel safe what so ever. I have to keep saying this to myself so I do not end up canceling all the plans to move. 

Also deploying is making moving mass chaos. I am still pretty young, so my furniture is not anything special. My whole furnished apartment probably cost me less than 600 dollars. Which if you are a grown up human, you know furniture does not cost that little. 

I was hard core debating getting storage, or selling. It was a hard thing to work out. But the fact that I could get back, AND move again. Was way too much. People always talk about how moving is not a fun thing to do, and I agree. It ain't fun.

Anyways, Saturday was full of brunch, naps, and more eating. I could not have asked for a better day.

THEN Sunday was just as relaxing, but a little more relaxing. It was a great weekend of being home before having to be gone for a full week. 

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