Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Blogger Life: I am not an expert

Oh my gosh. I am not an expert I have said this 17 hundred times ( what is that number ). And I have heard EVER SINGLE WOMEN SAY THIS. 

LEAN THE FRICK IN! I saw on of my favorite Youtubers say "I am not a beauty guru" and she had 1 MILLION plus followers. I have said "I am not a beauty guru" and I had a handful of people tell me "wow that really helped" and I thought I was the last to the game. 
You have no idea what you followers know, so tell them what you know! You are helping them! Stop belittling yourself, just because you are not the first does not mean you can not help someone else.

I am so sick of hearing this to the point, where I want to say, WHO IS? Social media is so new, why would you not be an expert. 

And then there are the people who shoot one wedding and call themselves a wedding photographer and end up teaching thousands of other people because they believed in themselves. OR the people who branded three people and  made their business a  million dollar teaching service for sales and marketing. 
If you think you can do it, or you have been doing it for a couple of months you already know more than most of your peers. Share your information, rather than say you are "not an expert" because in this crazy entrepreneur creative life NO ONE is.  

Also because I am already on a little rant. I was listening to an amazing podcaster.  Her business is a million plus (apparently my new favorite word) and she had this amazing author on who also had a million dollar plus business. Both female, both badasses. HOWEVER, the host kept having the need to say (three times to be exact) to her female and male audience (she kept saying this) that just because she had a female guest on her male  guest could learn something new. 

DUH! Do you think in the history of ever a male  host ever told his audience that he had another male host and has said his female  views could benefit from the information a male guest shared? NO! It made me so frustrated, but that is the end of my rant on this topic. 

You know way more than you think you do, and own it. 

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