Sunday, March 18, 2018

Salon Bronze Airbush Tanning Review

Okay here we go, so shout out to Rachel Cruze for talking openly about her spray town obsession. I think it really opened up the door for all of us to admit that, you can be a hell of a business women, and went to be a little more tan.

PLUS, I mean it is the smart way to tan, no consequences. So I had a month of a super cheap tanning sessions. It was the dead of winter, I was not feeling 10/10 so I took it on and at the end of it I got a free spray tan. (which ended up being like 15 dollars #ugh). However it was fire. 

So I liked being a little more tan and wanted to keep it going. I get the Salon Bronze Airbush Tanning. I was at Sally's Beauty and it was 13 dollars and I though why not. The instructions were too easy I thought what could go wrong. 

Well everything.

 I even read the reviews and EVERY other person loved it. I however hated it. The color is amazing. It is darker than I could go, but it was still super bronze and not orange at all. 

I loved the color, but the formula of the actual product was sooooo bad. (Which I am soooooo fair and under tone of yellow, that it is hard to find a good color) It was extremely watery and out of this world streaky. I tried to let it dry and reapply, but the longer I waited the more it became crazy bad.

I have never had a horrible experience with a spray tan (which is wild because I have been using one on and off since 2009), but I ended up washing this off, it was that bad. Overall, color was great, but formula was horrible. 


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