Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rose and Thorn

Lets do a rose and thorn for this weeks outfit post! So let me start out with the fact that I wanted the movie American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence cracked me up and I might just be her character. 
My favorite line from the movie was, "She was the Picasso of Passive Aggressive". That line was great. Personally I feel like I am the opposite of passive aggressive. In fact I might get in a little too much trouble for being a little too blunt. BUT you live and you learn.
Other than that the scene where her husband was like "DO NOT ANSWER the phone." and she picked up the phone immediately, cracked me up. She just did her thing and did not care about anything else. 
Also on another note my dad (really my mom) sent me a Valentine's card. (Which I got it a month later due to the fact that Des Moines Postal system needs a revamp.) Anyways they sent me a card and it said "There was a daughter who lived  by her own rules.." So I guess I am sensing a common theme in my life. #Shrug 

Anyways lets start with the Rose, so this past month I went to Colorado (I am soooooo bad a keeping up with the lifestyle portion of the blog, but there will be more to come). Just hanging out and enjoying life is too fun. I am not good a skiing, but if you play it right it is like fast hiking. Which your girl can get down on that. 

The views in Colorado were out of this world. When I went it was so clear. It was great hanging out with loved ones, and taking in the views!

The thorn: I have a lot of moving pieces in 2018. This is going to be one of the biggest years where I need to step up to the plate and make my own logistical moves (more to come,stay tuned) It just feels that lately it is so hard to keep all of the moving pieces together. I know I am human, and I am a work in progress (BECAUSE all humans are) However, when I drop the ball, or excel in one thing but because of that let something else go, it feels like everything else drops. 

Which, duh. I know is not true, but I think I need to take it back to day by day and make every day ONE priority. 

Which that is being part of being a human. So there we go! The good and bad of the month! Have a great march! 


  1. LOVE the dress! It's so chic and so pretty.

    Bukola Veronica,

  2. This is a great outfit! So on trend and a great way to transition into spring.

    I'd wear tights though, because I'm not that brave in the cold ;-)

  3. Cute dress, and I love the dark lip color to go with it. I wish I could wear a dress or skirt in the snow but even with tights I'm too cold!

  4. I love that dark lip paired with that beautiful black dress!


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