Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Link Wrap Up

Alright all the links for the month. I love these from everyone else, there will be a month wrap up so lets just get into this!

Doctor Love// If I had to be a doctor I think I would be this;). It is silly, but I would never be a STEM kind of gal. HOWEVER, I totally envy any person that can do it! I just thought this was funny for allllllll the overly emotional people out there. 

Hunter// I am a hunter sucker and if this is real it will be the best collab ever!

SNL// One way or another I always watch all of SNL's stuff. Weekend update is always my favorite, but this one about the Olympics was hilarious. 

Instagram Updates// I am honestly kind of sick of hearing all of this. I will be doing some blogging updates from here on out. However, here are some changes. 

Update from the Olympics// I feel like if you travel for work, you have this feeling also;) okay just kidding, but i loved this. 


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