Monday, March 19, 2018

Current Loves

 The things I am loving. I love the positive post of everything that is going great. (Also lets let a moment to sink in that I still try to spell the word "of" like ov) I mean English is hard. You can always keep up with me on insta I try to keep it real as possible over there. 

However, the blog always goes into more detail, so here we go. Everything I am loving over here at the blog. 

Smell// Coming from the girl that can smell nothing, the one thing I have been loving and smells like home is crock pot chicken. It seriously is so great coming home to something that smells home

Cooking// Which brings me to my next point. I turn on a Youtube video and cook for the week, and I haven't burnt anything in weeks! (I did drop something on a burner, so it did smell like something burnt) Other than that, it is actually extremely relaxing, and it feels nice to come home to something I can eat immediately. 

Listening// I am loving the podcast strategy hour. It is like your life coach screaming at you to get ish done. Their biggest inspiration was them saying, "Just start you business!" Who would have thought that is all it takes to start, by just starting. 

Wearing// I have been wearing nothing cute lately, other than matching PJs. I seriously feel like I have my life together if I have matching cozy PJs. 

Drawing// I pulled the trigger and got the fully loaded Adobe shop. Which I am not a technology person what so ever, but wow. All of their products are so easy to use. I can not even imagine how crazy good your skills would get if you took at class, or tried to teach yourself. Anyways, above is a something I whipped up. It honestly was so easy to use. (ALL OF the audrey vibes for that pic ((except for blonde because... you know;) ))

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