Thursday, March 15, 2018

Blogger Life: The Algorithm

 My take on the Instagram algorithm: okay so Instagram (and Facebook and every other social media) has an algorithm. This is so that based on what you have liked in the past continue to shows and you come back for more to use that social media platform. 

This sounds great in theory, until everyone lost their minds about it. So here is a little tid bit on how I feel about it. 

As a consumer: okay I love Instagram and Pinterest. BUT it is so annoying because I like a picture of a latte or pin a picture of a desk and that’s ALL MY FEED SHOWS. it’s annoying. I want to look at artist, my friends, other bloggers, and magazines! I want to see it all. It is frustrating that my feed is useless so I end up just searching what I want to see. 

As a blogger: as a blogger I think the whole community needs to get over their anger for the algorithms. As a blogger you make money from say Instagram. so Instagram found a way to make money off of you. You don’t own your Instagram platform. Instagram has given it to you. (I mean you can always stop using it. ) 

That being said I feel like the people that have the most issues. Are the people that used to post and leave it. From my understanding these are the people Instagram is trying to weed out. 

Instagram;s main concern is community, so even if you are not on the side of benefiting from the algorithm. If you make an effort to support other blogger or people that follow you, the algorithm will not even phase you. 

This is the harsh truth but I think if you have an issue with social media you have a strategy issue, not a social media issue. I mean think about your favorite bloggers. You go out of you way to see everything they post, algorithm or not. 

That is my little two sense on the issue, and I only bring it up because I keep hearing about it EVERYWHERE.


  1. I think one of the largest arguments --and most valid-- is the fact that the new algorithm makes it difficult for new bloggers to find their footing. While bloggers who have 10K on Instagram do make money from the platform, a blogger who has 3K finds it difficult to reach people. Pay to play really only benefits people that *can* pay.

    I too, however, hate the fact that I like one picture and suddenly it's everywhere, especially when I'd like to see other things as well.

    Great post! x


    1. Yeah the same thing popping up is annoying. However, there are other strategies to put in place. Such as reaching out to other micro bloggers and building that community. “Organic traffic” is probably out of the picture, but reaching out to people and seeing them grow and being part of their community will build your community too!

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  2. I'm with you. As a new blogger, I have no hope of anyone ever seeing my posts, unless they search specific hashtags. As a personal instagrammer, I never want to press "like" again. I can't even see my friends' posts anymore. Lame.

    1. Sorry! What I was trying to say is that as a blogger there is PLEANTY of room for us to grow. We just have to restrategize!

  3. I agree! Everyone needs to focus on what they CAN control. Find out what your audience wants to see, and the algorithm will reward you :) - XO, Kelly

    1. Praise hands emoji! I think people forget that they are not OWED and audience. Have great content and good stregtegy and you will be good to go!

  4. I completely agree! It's frustrating as a newbie when you see people with over 25k followers. It's easy to feel like it's unfair, but it's important to just keep doing what you love and not worry about the rest!

  5. I'm with all the newbies here! With such a small following in comparison to the large blogs, it's easy to feel ignored on IG. Hopefully I'm able to pick up some momentum and can work this algorithm to my advantage... Gotta stay positive, right?
    It won't let me tag my blog for some reason but it's dolledupindallas! Just so I don't seem like a ghost on here :)

  6. I think you have a valid point it’s all about strategy and effort. It’s not good to just promote your stuff and not help others

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