Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter Dresses

 Easter is upon us. That means dress season is in full force! You got to love some full blown pastels, and some ruffles. Which I mean that screams spring. I love a good dress/ romper. Some girls are shoe girls, some gals are make up gals, but I love dresses. Here are my favorite picks for spring. 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Current Loves

 The things I am loving. I love the positive post of everything that is going great. (Also lets let a moment to sink in that I still try to spell the word "of" like ov) I mean English is hard. You can always keep up with me on insta I try to keep it real as possible over there. 

However, the blog always goes into more detail, so here we go. Everything I am loving over here at the blog. 

Smell// Coming from the girl that can smell nothing, the one thing I have been loving and smells like home is crock pot chicken. It seriously is so great coming home to something that smells home

Cooking// Which brings me to my next point. I turn on a Youtube video and cook for the week, and I haven't burnt anything in weeks! (I did drop something on a burner, so it did smell like something burnt) Other than that, it is actually extremely relaxing, and it feels nice to come home to something I can eat immediately. 

Listening// I am loving the podcast strategy hour. It is like your life coach screaming at you to get ish done. Their biggest inspiration was them saying, "Just start you business!" Who would have thought that is all it takes to start, by just starting. 

Wearing// I have been wearing nothing cute lately, other than matching PJs. I seriously feel like I have my life together if I have matching cozy PJs. 

Drawing// I pulled the trigger and got the fully loaded Adobe shop. Which I am not a technology person what so ever, but wow. All of their products are so easy to use. I can not even imagine how crazy good your skills would get if you took at class, or tried to teach yourself. Anyways, above is a something I whipped up. It honestly was so easy to use. (ALL OF the audrey vibes for that pic ((except for blonde because... you know;) ))

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Salon Bronze Airbush Tanning Review

Okay here we go, so shout out to Rachel Cruze for talking openly about her spray town obsession. I think it really opened up the door for all of us to admit that, you can be a hell of a business women, and went to be a little more tan.

PLUS, I mean it is the smart way to tan, no consequences. So I had a month of a super cheap tanning sessions. It was the dead of winter, I was not feeling 10/10 so I took it on and at the end of it I got a free spray tan. (which ended up being like 15 dollars #ugh). However it was fire. 

So I liked being a little more tan and wanted to keep it going. I get the Salon Bronze Airbush Tanning. I was at Sally's Beauty and it was 13 dollars and I though why not. The instructions were too easy I thought what could go wrong. 

Well everything.

 I even read the reviews and EVERY other person loved it. I however hated it. The color is amazing. It is darker than I could go, but it was still super bronze and not orange at all. 

I loved the color, but the formula of the actual product was sooooo bad. (Which I am soooooo fair and under tone of yellow, that it is hard to find a good color) It was extremely watery and out of this world streaky. I tried to let it dry and reapply, but the longer I waited the more it became crazy bad.

I have never had a horrible experience with a spray tan (which is wild because I have been using one on and off since 2009), but I ended up washing this off, it was that bad. Overall, color was great, but formula was horrible. 


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Blogger Life: The Algorithm

 My take on the Instagram algorithm: okay so Instagram (and Facebook and every other social media) has an algorithm. This is so that based on what you have liked in the past continue to shows and you come back for more to use that social media platform. 

This sounds great in theory, until everyone lost their minds about it. So here is a little tid bit on how I feel about it. 

As a consumer: okay I love Instagram and Pinterest. BUT it is so annoying because I like a picture of a latte or pin a picture of a desk and that’s ALL MY FEED SHOWS. it’s annoying. I want to look at artist, my friends, other bloggers, and magazines! I want to see it all. It is frustrating that my feed is useless so I end up just searching what I want to see. 

As a blogger: as a blogger I think the whole community needs to get over their anger for the algorithms. As a blogger you make money from say Instagram. so Instagram found a way to make money off of you. You don’t own your Instagram platform. Instagram has given it to you. (I mean you can always stop using it. ) 

That being said I feel like the people that have the most issues. Are the people that used to post and leave it. From my understanding these are the people Instagram is trying to weed out. 

Instagram;s main concern is community, so even if you are not on the side of benefiting from the algorithm. If you make an effort to support other blogger or people that follow you, the algorithm will not even phase you. 

This is the harsh truth but I think if you have an issue with social media you have a strategy issue, not a social media issue. I mean think about your favorite bloggers. You go out of you way to see everything they post, algorithm or not. 

That is my little two sense on the issue, and I only bring it up because I keep hearing about it EVERYWHERE.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Jackets

I am queen of not dressing right for the weather. In fact I get called out on it probably every other week. I am an indoor kind of gal for the most part during the day to day. Honestly, dressing for the ever changing weather is not a top priority. As of lately, feeling even semi organized feels like an accomplishment (traveling kicks my behind) 

So how does this get wrapped into that? I plan my day and night outfit the day before, and who knows what the weather is like. You plan the outfit, you realize that you need a jacket. Then BAMB! Here are a handful of choices that you can grab and go no matter what your outfit is. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Link Wrap Up

Alright all the links for the month. I love these from everyone else, there will be a month wrap up so lets just get into this!

Doctor Love// If I had to be a doctor I think I would be this;). It is silly, but I would never be a STEM kind of gal. HOWEVER, I totally envy any person that can do it! I just thought this was funny for allllllll the overly emotional people out there. 

Hunter// I am a hunter sucker and if this is real it will be the best collab ever!

SNL// One way or another I always watch all of SNL's stuff. Weekend update is always my favorite, but this one about the Olympics was hilarious. 

Instagram Updates// I am honestly kind of sick of hearing all of this. I will be doing some blogging updates from here on out. However, here are some changes. 

Update from the Olympics// I feel like if you travel for work, you have this feeling also;) okay just kidding, but i loved this. 


Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Park Wrap-Up

I am pretty bad a keeping up with the vacation wrap ups. I recently went to Winter Park, Colorado for a long weekend. Let me tell ya, it was stunning. The ride out there not so much. 

We drove out there, but the night before I last minute had to work late. Which I was fine with, but maybe the party, not so much...  I got home so late, I think it was around 10pm and I did not even finish packing the car until about 11.

11 normally would not be too late except, we were waking up at 5:30am the next morning. So we are ready to roll and get into the car, and 45 minutes into the trip A says, "Do you have your military ID". Which side note Winter park does 50% off lift tickets for Military members, so if you have ever gone skiing that is HUGE. That is the best discount I have ever gotten. And I realized that I FORGOT my ID. (A and I were not happy pups). LUCKILY, I have all of my IDs and cards on photo file. So we crossed our fingers that it would work. 

I was pretty upset at this point, so I took a nap. Then I woke up and saw that we were near a city, so I asked if we could run to target because I FORGOT A SWIM SUIT. I packed late and I had it laid out, but somehow forgot it. (1. There is a hot tub at the place we were staying at. 2. I got this swim suit which is super cute, but I'm a B on a good day, and it can have some serious under cleavage if you are not careful.)

So finally we are rolling, we get to Denver. It was announced that there would be no more stops. Naturally, I open a water bottle and it explodes all over me due to the altitude change. My pants were soaking wet, so I forced the car to pull over so I could change into something dry. THEN, we were rolling.

When we finally get to the house, we were so ready to get out of the worst car ride;) When we get out of the car, we go to grab our stuff and Doritos are ALL OVER the back of the car. Needless to say, the car ride could have been way worse, but it was not successful. 

Once that was over we popped some bubbly. (Lets be real, for me red wine), unpacked, explored the house,  and made dinner. We brought most of our own food, because $$$ and I travel a ton, so I am kind of sick of going out to eat. 

What was left of the first night was dedicated to the hot tub. Now this is not just a hot tub, but it is a hot tub with an amazing view. We went to bed early, so we could wake up and head to the slopes. 

LUCKILY Winter Park was sooooo kind and they gave us the military discount. Seriously they are amazing, and on we went! I stuck mainly to the greens because I am not hard core. I love hiking for the views and skiing was fun for that exact reason. 

Winter park is perfect for beginners to life long skiers. My favorite run was Dilly Dally Alley. Almost ever 8 year old loved it too. It was pretty much a super flat bumpy trail. I also found out I am still very afraid of heights. The blues that weaved in and out were super fun, but anything that was super steep, I was terrified of. 

The second day was sandwiched between skiing and watching the MSU/ UofM basketball game. It is a true house divide, so it needed to be watched, it was honestly a ton of fun and one of my favorite parts of the trip (besides MSU LOSING). Also we kept debating if we wanted to keep skiing or go home. Last year I was dying on the second day, and this year I  was ready, but this year I honestly did not care either way. I was ready to go home if we wanted, or keep going. 

We ended up going on and I did not regret a second. I made it super easy by staying on only greens. I remember regretting going on a certain run because it would take a little longer and both A and I took a wrong turn and found each other! It was a fun time, and it was way more fun than I thought it would be.

Our last night there we had leftovers and hung out in the house, as well as take on all the amazing views. The whole trip was so relaxing and I loved ever seconds of this great trip. 


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rose and Thorn

Lets do a rose and thorn for this weeks outfit post! So let me start out with the fact that I wanted the movie American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence cracked me up and I might just be her character. 
My favorite line from the movie was, "She was the Picasso of Passive Aggressive". That line was great. Personally I feel like I am the opposite of passive aggressive. In fact I might get in a little too much trouble for being a little too blunt. BUT you live and you learn.
Other than that the scene where her husband was like "DO NOT ANSWER the phone." and she picked up the phone immediately, cracked me up. She just did her thing and did not care about anything else. 
Also on another note my dad (really my mom) sent me a Valentine's card. (Which I got it a month later due to the fact that Des Moines Postal system needs a revamp.) Anyways they sent me a card and it said "There was a daughter who lived  by her own rules.." So I guess I am sensing a common theme in my life. #Shrug 

Anyways lets start with the Rose, so this past month I went to Colorado (I am soooooo bad a keeping up with the lifestyle portion of the blog, but there will be more to come). Just hanging out and enjoying life is too fun. I am not good a skiing, but if you play it right it is like fast hiking. Which your girl can get down on that. 

The views in Colorado were out of this world. When I went it was so clear. It was great hanging out with loved ones, and taking in the views!

The thorn: I have a lot of moving pieces in 2018. This is going to be one of the biggest years where I need to step up to the plate and make my own logistical moves (more to come,stay tuned) It just feels that lately it is so hard to keep all of the moving pieces together. I know I am human, and I am a work in progress (BECAUSE all humans are) However, when I drop the ball, or excel in one thing but because of that let something else go, it feels like everything else drops. 

Which, duh. I know is not true, but I think I need to take it back to day by day and make every day ONE priority. 

Which that is being part of being a human. So there we go! The good and bad of the month! Have a great march! 
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