Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life Update: February 2018

Happy Monday, All! January felt like it was 14 years long, and February is flying by. Who needs an into when your post is this long. Here we go:

-Low key obsessed with these leggings
-Love this classic blazer
-It is still freezing in Iowa
-I am a linen hoarder. I love these sheets.

-I love blogging, it is seriously my biggest/most favorite hobby. It brings me so much joy creating and growing. I have an ongoing blog survey Here I love to grow and love feedback. The number one thing I get that I could work on is being more authentic. 

It is wild for me to think that because if I were to brainstorm, it would be along the lines of "better video quality", "more outfit post", "frequency of post", and not one person ever mentions that. Which trust me, I feel like I am always on the line of "am I sharing too much, or too little". So I feel like I have just been in a weird place with blogging. I still love it, but I am still trying to "find myself'" haha. 

-February I am trying to lay as low as possible. I got the flu super bowl weekend #Ugh. Nothing like the flu to put your life in check and show how human you are. I have been so go, go go that for the rest of February I want to lay low. I am so low key sick of traveling. I just want to take in Des Moines and watch the winter Olympics. (Is this the cold weather talking?)

-Health and Fitness- Working out has been easy peasy. I have put no stress on myself to run, so I think that is the biggest thing that has helped motivate me. Now eating healthier is a different story. Making food, I have been sooo on top of. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of doing meal preps. (It helps that I have no burnt anything in a log time) I am actually*gasp* enjoying cooking all of my meals. 

The meals are the easy part. I am having such a hard time with snacking. Sometimes I just grab whatever is in my wake. This week I am working on that + baking snacks to grab an go. It is a work in progress people!

- The plan for Vday is to make dinner. I am going for this for dessert. It is so easy you can not mess it up! Even though we are not going anywhere I will probably still dress up for the occasion because it is an excuse to break out a dress. 

Have a great week!

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