Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January 2018 Favorites

"Why is this late?" You might ask yourself. BECAUSE YOUR GIRL GOT THE FLU. Real talk this was the worst I have ever felt. Nothing like a good old humbling experience like getting the flu.

The worst part of the whole thing was that I was so sore and weak in the middle of the night on the first night I walked into my room, I was so out of breath from walking that I put my hand on my dresser. I felt myself begin to fall from being so weak so I went to put my other hand on my dress to balance myself and at that point I fainted. 

You might be like, "How do you really know you fainted". Well, when I gained consciousness a moment later, I was in a lung position and my dress was leaning against me. It was a wild night. (PSA: I got sick Saturday night. I thought the ER was for when you broke your arm or had a heart attack. Apparently it is also for super bad stomach cramps and feeling super fatigued. ((which are both flu symptoms)) so if you need to go ya need to go)

ANY WAYS this is about January! 

Ah January! What a long and amazing month! New Years Eve was brought in with Jalapeno margs and even better conversations. Going into the new year I made a baby step outline of the goal  I had for this year. Which I have been doing pretty well. I broke my goals down so I go dip my toes in the water. For me that works best, and I know I will stick to it better. Which I am also not about depriving myself. (This is just what I know what works for me).

THEN I had every anniversary under the sun. We are talking JOB! We are talking RELATIONSHIPS! And lastly THE BLOG! January is such a bitter sweet month. Sweet, because it has so many great memories it is a month of change. I love making goals and going head forward into them. The bitter, holy smokes it is cold. The "February Blues hit me hard this month" There was a week or two where I could not get out of a funk. WHICH is fine, but you have to own up to it, and move on. 

I want to add a rose  and thorn for the month. I am trying so hard to show not only the good but the struggles to on this blog. 

Lets start with the thorn: Oh my gosh the winter blues were such a thing this Jan. This has hit me a couple of times in my life, but I swear this year it hit the hardest. 

Rose: SO MANY THINGS. As stated before. Seriously January felt like the longest month ever. If I have to give a favorite for the month. 1. Bringing in the new year was so low key and fun. THEN, this past weekend I went to Kansas city (for work) and it was such a fun 4 days. I could not have ask for a better weekend. 

Thorn: I did so bad with organization. Fitness was a top priority, but it felt like nothing else got done. I did make some good moves to make like easier for Feburary, but I am still so frazzled by how little I got done. 

Overall, January was a great month (a cold month), and I can not wait to see what February brings. 

Whitney Simmonds// I searched hitt workout one day on youtube when I was short on time and she popped up. Oh my gosh, her work out are amazing. They are so easy to follow and I actually always want to do more! Get back into fitness was made simple with her. 

Jalapeno Margs// January would not have been January without these. Seriously way too good and made the whole month a little more spicy;)

Necklace// I got this necklace for Christmas (from someone special) and I wore this with everything in January. (I got the December stone)

Green Bag// I am not a bag person what so ever so I always get a neutral. I grabbed a green one because it was on sale and holy smoke. It holds everything and matches every outfit.

Snow Hat// My dad asked my sister what hat she was wearing. She called it a beaning (it had a fluff on top) and my dad calls it a beanie ball hat. It is so funny. Winter hats saved my life this season. 

Highlighter// I am so on this train. I love the way it looks, I am still trying to perfect the look, but I love it. 

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