Monday, February 26, 2018

February Book Club

If I am going to take anything away from my first year of being a young professional it is going to the fact that you need boundaries. I learned this so hard, and so fast this year. In any career (I have two jobs... ((well three if you count the blog)) and I have worked plenty of jobs before this year, so I am not referencing ANY one job, and I never am.) I am talking in generalities. Any career can take as much as you give it. 

Plus, I am a people pleaser. The book Power of a Positive No was life changing. Now this book has a handful of mix reviews, but I loved it. It is sooooo hard to say no, and the book dives into you do not have to say no. You may be saying no a weekend event, but you might be saying YES to spending time with you family. Or you may not being saying no to a last minute week work trip across the country, but you may be saying yes to a trip with loved ones that you have planned for months. 

You get the picture, it is hard to balance everything. This book helps with what is important to you and how to kindly talk about. (google cushion and ask, and that will help you so much in your personal life). 

Anyways, I hope February is going well!

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