Monday, February 26, 2018

February Book Club

If I am going to take anything away from my first year of being a young professional it is going to the fact that you need boundaries. I learned this so hard, and so fast this year. In any career (I have two jobs... ((well three if you count the blog)) and I have worked plenty of jobs before this year, so I am not referencing ANY one job, and I never am.) I am talking in generalities. Any career can take as much as you give it. 

Plus, I am a people pleaser. The book Power of a Positive No was life changing. Now this book has a handful of mix reviews, but I loved it. It is sooooo hard to say no, and the book dives into you do not have to say no. You may be saying no a weekend event, but you might be saying YES to spending time with you family. Or you may not being saying no to a last minute week work trip across the country, but you may be saying yes to a trip with loved ones that you have planned for months. 

You get the picture, it is hard to balance everything. This book helps with what is important to you and how to kindly talk about. (google cushion and ask, and that will help you so much in your personal life). 

Anyways, I hope February is going well!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What I Love And Hate About Iowa

Hey, What is up, Hello, My Gal Pals. So for those that do not know, I live in the grand old state of Iowa. Most people have no clue where it even is! 

Love// You get a city feel without the the downfalls of a city. There is always parking, the parking is pennies on the dollar. The rent is one of the most reasonable in the country. You have every chain you could ever want, and there is always something to do. 

Hate// EVERYONE is a bad driver, and you are like "Bmack, if you have a problem with everyone YOU are the problem". No. The thing is I travel a ton, and the only city I have an issue with is Des Moines. Number 1 everyone takes it super personally if you do anything. Number 2 Iowans love to hug the right lane and hate it when you merge in. (They think you are cutting them off). MIDDLE lane is for cruising. Left lane is for passing, Right lane is for exiting nawt driving. There is not even traffic in Iowa and it still manages to be annoying

Love// The people. Everyone loves Iowa. No one is dying to get out, or think the grass is greener on the other side. It is like the best of both worlds whatever you love about the North or South, Iowa has it.

Hate// It is far away from everything, and by everything I mean everything. Michigan you drive about 10 hours and you can get to any of the original 13 colonies aka east coast. In Iowa you can not even fly anywhere for under 300 dollars. It is hard to get from here or there.

Love// Living prices are some of the best in the country. You are not going to buy 20 dollar drinks at the bar. Apartments are cheaper than my college town. It is a win for all. 
It is Small// This is not bad or good, and I feel like no you could live in NYC and still feel this way. I mean what is every rom com theme after? You run into people you semi know ALL THE TIME. I feel like I know 15 people in Iowa, and I always run into people I know. 


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Link Round Up

Happy Sunday! Sunday is my day to relax and I will probably spend most of my day on the computer or relaxing. #NOTGuilty Most Sundays you can find me making brunch from home. Cooking brunch is so much easier than you think it would be (If I can do it anyone can do it). You get to eat in your PJs. THEN you can just sit there all day after your brunch and just ~*relax*~. 

Relatable// I always joked I can deal with a lot of quirks, but as a big traveler, I can not deal with deal with bad airport etiquette

No Theme//  Everything I pick on here is always pretty random. I feel like being in an unhealthy relationship can happen to anyone no matter how strong they are. This is a good reminder that it is okay to be alone, and better to be in no one than a bad one. 

I wish my whole life was one big cocktail party.

No words// BUT am I living up to my stereotype? Also @VioletClair has some great #GirlPower stuff.

Not Big On Scents// BUT I love the smell of this. Also perfect for those dry Iowa Winters. 

Kristen Bell// These are cracking me up. 

OTK// Still a sucker for the over the knee boots. These are perfect with black leggings AND jeans.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

What Is In My Bag: Young Professional

I love a good What is in my bag post. This is everything I could possibly need in one day. I have nothing to say about this because I talked for 20 minutes. (Give a girl a mic and she'll talk for the rest of her life) ((Don't worry I cut it down)) So here we go! 


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pulpy Mimosa Interview

Alright, here we go. The first interview for the year! We have two very special guest,  Amanda and Laura from the Pulpy Mimosa!  (This is my favorite post from them) I met thes ladies in college. They were a couple of classes ahead of me, so they were the cool older gals. They had this big blue house and they always had the best get togethers. As college students they even had a full blown real friendsgiving dinner. (This was the first time I ever had mulled wine and I have not looked back since).
These ladies were even there for me and my friends when we went to the ~*bars*~ the first time. (They told us we couldn't order a bloody mary at 9pm, which I am forever grateful they told me this). Then of course you can not forget the New Years Eve where our friend group were the only people to go downtown in our college town, leaving the whole bar to ourselves (or so it felt like). 

Seriously way to much fun with these gals, and they have not toned it down in the slightest. They moved to Italy for their military careers, and you can follow along on all their adventures on their blog. Lets jump into the interview!

1. Who are you and share a fun fact.

I am Laura Chall, a Human Resources Officer in the US Army, living in Italy, married to  the biggest doofus in the world, dog mom to Eleanor Rigby Cadwell Chall, and avid crafter

I'm Amanda Dolsen. I'm a Quartermaster Officer [logistics] in the US Army, been living in Vicenza for the last 3 years, but moving to Richmond for the Captain's Career Course. I have no idea where I will be living this time next year, and I am only mildly freaking out about it.

2. How did you end up in the military?

(Laura) I originally joined ROTC as a way to pay for College, but soon found the military to be a passion of mine. After graduating from Michigan State Universty (Go Green!) in 2015, I commissioned as an Adjutant General Lieutenant and I've been doin' the damn thing ever since

(Amanda) I'm an army brat to an officer dad. He kept trying to get me interested in ROTC when I was in high school, but ultimately it was a decision I made on my own. I ended up signing up for a "general conditioning class" for one more credit my second semester freshman year at MSU. Needless to say, I was super surprised when I showed up on the first day and it was for PT with the ROTC cadets. After the first week or 2, I wanted in.

3. What was the leap to start a blog?

We had been toying around with the idea of beginning some type of creative endeavor for about two years. We wanted to write a book, then it turned into starting a podcast, which evolved into starting a small event catering. We eventually realized that the best starting point would be a blog!  Both of our families have always asked us to share more of our travels, so it was easy to jump into a blog, since is relatively low risk for us, but still encapsulates a lot of creativity. We are able to create and share our travel itineraries, our favorite drink & food recipes, all while developing our writing and photography skills.

4.I love the name pulpy Mimosa, where did it come from?

(Amanda) Honestly, one day in the summer of 2016, I was with our friend Melissa, having a Netflix and chill kinda day (not the creepy kind, the kind where you binge on TV and mimosas with your gal pals all day). We were watching Stranger Things and drinking mimosas we had squeezed the juice for ourselves, so they were super pulpy. I was pretty tipsy, not gonna lie, and I said when I opened the brunch place I have been dreaming of having for the greater part of my adult life, I declared that was what I would want to call my place. So... when Laura and I were brainstorming names for the blog, it ended up sticking.

5. How do you balance a full time career and a blog?

(Laura) Honestly, it hasn't been very hard for me. I don't find much joy in the day to day activities of my job, so the blog has become my creative outlet. Its nice to have something that I (let me put alot of emphasis on IIIIII) get to work on and decide what content I'm putting up and it isn't boring old Human Resources. I like coming up with new drink recipes, or trying out what Amanda has cooked up in her kitchen, or sharing our travel experiences. I also get to hang out with my best friend even more (as if we weren't hanging out enough already), so I aint mad.

6. What have you learned from blogging?

Don't be afraid to try new things or be afraid of failure or looking silly. And don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly.

- What would you tell someone wanting to start a blog, but it is the complete opposite of their career?

Just. Fuggin. Do It. Like Fa Real, just start something and throw it out there and work from there. Who gives a friggin heck if its completely opposite from your career?! As long as its something you're passionate about and you're living it & sharing it in an authentic way, people will share in your enjoyment of whatever it is you love. 

7. Best Advice you have ever gotten?

(Laura) There's three things that have always stuck with me that aren't necessarily advice, but motivation instead:
1. The first draft of anything is Shit
2. Passion never fails
3. Despite what that dumb voice in your head is saying, People WANT to see you succeed.


1. Stop waiting until "the time is right". The time will never actually be right for anything so just go for it and see what happens.

*These are Laura's and Amanda's opinions and in no way does it reflect the opinions of of the military*

Monday, February 12, 2018

Give the Color Red The Blues

Hey, What is up, hello friends. What is going on? So this post is partnering with Cleo Madision. They are a boutique with a lot of classic pieces that are perfect for dressing up. (I kind of went wild with the accessories). 

I love the red for February. I recently look inventory of my closet and I found I only wear blue, so it was time to mix it up. 

I love this outfit for a casual grab dinner with friends on a Tuesday, or grab a late brunch. It is surprisingly comfy, pretty close to leggings and a tshirt. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Life Update: February 2018

Happy Monday, All! January felt like it was 14 years long, and February is flying by. Who needs an into when your post is this long. Here we go:

-Low key obsessed with these leggings
-Love this classic blazer
-It is still freezing in Iowa
-I am a linen hoarder. I love these sheets.

-I love blogging, it is seriously my biggest/most favorite hobby. It brings me so much joy creating and growing. I have an ongoing blog survey Here I love to grow and love feedback. The number one thing I get that I could work on is being more authentic. 

It is wild for me to think that because if I were to brainstorm, it would be along the lines of "better video quality", "more outfit post", "frequency of post", and not one person ever mentions that. Which trust me, I feel like I am always on the line of "am I sharing too much, or too little". So I feel like I have just been in a weird place with blogging. I still love it, but I am still trying to "find myself'" haha. 

-February I am trying to lay as low as possible. I got the flu super bowl weekend #Ugh. Nothing like the flu to put your life in check and show how human you are. I have been so go, go go that for the rest of February I want to lay low. I am so low key sick of traveling. I just want to take in Des Moines and watch the winter Olympics. (Is this the cold weather talking?)

-Health and Fitness- Working out has been easy peasy. I have put no stress on myself to run, so I think that is the biggest thing that has helped motivate me. Now eating healthier is a different story. Making food, I have been sooo on top of. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of doing meal preps. (It helps that I have no burnt anything in a log time) I am actually*gasp* enjoying cooking all of my meals. 

The meals are the easy part. I am having such a hard time with snacking. Sometimes I just grab whatever is in my wake. This week I am working on that + baking snacks to grab an go. It is a work in progress people!

- The plan for Vday is to make dinner. I am going for this for dessert. It is so easy you can not mess it up! Even though we are not going anywhere I will probably still dress up for the occasion because it is an excuse to break out a dress. 

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine's Day For Her

Ah so it is almost here. Good All vday. So if you are an all star sister or daughter here is the list for you. ALSO I mean picking up flowers for your gal pals would also be the nighest thing ever, so keep that in mind this holiday season. Here are a ton of pink and red items to have the best Galentine's Day ever!


Friday, February 9, 2018

Support Team USA

Happy Friday! We made it! So because I was sick all week, I am laying low tonight. Tonight will consist of dinner in and watching the Olympic ceremony! I am super pumped, and here are some cuter choices to wear to support your team. (I still have my team USA hat from 2004). 


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

I feel like there is such a bad stigma with Valentine's Day. It does not have to be about romantic love what so ever. It can be about the love for your family, your gal pals, or just over all the people in your life. 

So throw on some red lipstick, curl your hair, make the people in your life come cupcakes (those sound so good right now), and celebrate at the end of the night with a pink cocktail. (Check out this post for one of my most memorable Vday) 

SO what am I doing this year? I am making dinner in with A! We did it last year and it was so much fun. We will turn on some tunes, cook dinner, and enjoy the evening. We did it last year, and it was so much fun so I can not wait to do it this year!

So for Valentines day keep the gifts simple. This gift guide can be for any guy in your life. Also a perfect gift if you really want to keep it simple. Get the guy in your life his favorite six pack, dress it up (tissue paper, heart on cake pop sticks). Simple as that! Here are some other choices.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January 2018 Favorites

"Why is this late?" You might ask yourself. BECAUSE YOUR GIRL GOT THE FLU. Real talk this was the worst I have ever felt. Nothing like a good old humbling experience like getting the flu.

The worst part of the whole thing was that I was so sore and weak in the middle of the night on the first night I walked into my room, I was so out of breath from walking that I put my hand on my dresser. I felt myself begin to fall from being so weak so I went to put my other hand on my dress to balance myself and at that point I fainted. 

You might be like, "How do you really know you fainted". Well, when I gained consciousness a moment later, I was in a lung position and my dress was leaning against me. It was a wild night. (PSA: I got sick Saturday night. I thought the ER was for when you broke your arm or had a heart attack. Apparently it is also for super bad stomach cramps and feeling super fatigued. ((which are both flu symptoms)) so if you need to go ya need to go)

ANY WAYS this is about January! 

Ah January! What a long and amazing month! New Years Eve was brought in with Jalapeno margs and even better conversations. Going into the new year I made a baby step outline of the goal  I had for this year. Which I have been doing pretty well. I broke my goals down so I go dip my toes in the water. For me that works best, and I know I will stick to it better. Which I am also not about depriving myself. (This is just what I know what works for me).

THEN I had every anniversary under the sun. We are talking JOB! We are talking RELATIONSHIPS! And lastly THE BLOG! January is such a bitter sweet month. Sweet, because it has so many great memories it is a month of change. I love making goals and going head forward into them. The bitter, holy smokes it is cold. The "February Blues hit me hard this month" There was a week or two where I could not get out of a funk. WHICH is fine, but you have to own up to it, and move on. 

I want to add a rose  and thorn for the month. I am trying so hard to show not only the good but the struggles to on this blog. 

Lets start with the thorn: Oh my gosh the winter blues were such a thing this Jan. This has hit me a couple of times in my life, but I swear this year it hit the hardest. 

Rose: SO MANY THINGS. As stated before. Seriously January felt like the longest month ever. If I have to give a favorite for the month. 1. Bringing in the new year was so low key and fun. THEN, this past weekend I went to Kansas city (for work) and it was such a fun 4 days. I could not have ask for a better weekend. 

Thorn: I did so bad with organization. Fitness was a top priority, but it felt like nothing else got done. I did make some good moves to make like easier for Feburary, but I am still so frazzled by how little I got done. 

Overall, January was a great month (a cold month), and I can not wait to see what February brings. 

Whitney Simmonds// I searched hitt workout one day on youtube when I was short on time and she popped up. Oh my gosh, her work out are amazing. They are so easy to follow and I actually always want to do more! Get back into fitness was made simple with her. 

Jalapeno Margs// January would not have been January without these. Seriously way too good and made the whole month a little more spicy;)

Necklace// I got this necklace for Christmas (from someone special) and I wore this with everything in January. (I got the December stone)

Green Bag// I am not a bag person what so ever so I always get a neutral. I grabbed a green one because it was on sale and holy smoke. It holds everything and matches every outfit.

Snow Hat// My dad asked my sister what hat she was wearing. She called it a beaning (it had a fluff on top) and my dad calls it a beanie ball hat. It is so funny. Winter hats saved my life this season. 

Highlighter// I am so on this train. I love the way it looks, I am still trying to perfect the look, but I love it. 
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