Monday, January 8, 2018

2017 Favorites

 We are slowly wrapping up 2017 on the blog. I love this blog because I always get to selflessly use this as my personal scrapbook. There are the products that got me through this whole year. 

-Covergirl Mascara: This was the best mascara I have ever used. I got this because it had fibers and was buildable and trust me sistahs, this was amazing. You lash get to big with these. I feel like I am wearing fakes with it. 

-Tarte  Blush: This stuff is so bright, but looks so good and last for forever!

-Baking powder: I know I am so late to this game, but it changes your contour game. 

-Planner: I could not even function without this! I use my planner for everything and checked it about 47 times a day. This was the true lifesaver this year. 

- Wallet: I lost my wallet this year, and you do not realize how much you apricate it until it is gone! (Also I was born the year of the dog, and that is this year as well. So naturally I had to put it on there. 

-1 Liter Water bottle: I drink a lot of coffee so I must make sure I drink a lot of water. Having a bigger bottle makes it easier to see how much you are drinking. 

-Old Navy Pixie Pants: Oh hot damn. Seriously this made work so easy to get ready for because of how amazingly comfy these things are. They are like the leggings of the work force. 

- Instagram: Instagram was like a game to me this year. It was so fun learning new strategies, telling little stories, and trying to make my pictures look like artwork. I am going to try to get better at photography this year, but last  year Instagram was my favorite social media.


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