Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Out On The Town

Alright gal pals, we are talking going out tops. Life gets more and more casual. Which is fine, and I still love a good cocktail dress. (Might embarrass  whoever I am with when I force a cocktail dress on an evening, but let me live my life). I can get away with dresses for date night and hanging out with my family (because they have to love me?) 

BUT, when I am going out with people I find everyone wears pants. Which even a romper can feel a little over the top (I still wear them do not get me wrong but #ItIsColdInTheMidwest). 

So what my go to always ends up being is a cute top and black pants. (This can be a pixie pant, leather leggings, or black jeggings). 

Here are my favorite picks:



  1. Love it! Black tops with the criss cross in the front (like the second one pictured) seem to be super popular this year!


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