Sunday, January 14, 2018

Monthly Wrap Up

We have not had a wrap up in a while! Actually I feel like I have not even posted in a while. So what is going on? Lets throw it back to December. Celebrated with some holiday parties. Which this is similar to what I wore. (I loved it). 

Then I headed to Michigan with BAE to start the holiday events. We had a party with his side, which his cousin wrote a song to the tune of a Christmas song and sang about everyone. It was hilarious.

Then I made my way to Detroit to celebrate my mother's bday! That week FLEW BY. I thought I was going to get so bored, but I feel like I was there for a blink. I got to see my all of my family members. It was a great time filled with family, food, going to breweries (which I had mulled cider and it was bomb!) 

When that week was up, the weekend of Christmas I headed to D.C. (My favorite city), to spend Christmas with bae's fam. Which was spent with lots of board games, hiking (I died), and just all around hanging out. 

Then the big question, Why didn't you post anything for New Years?? Because I did not do anything! It was -10 in Des Moines and it physically hurt to walk outside. They said that you could get frost bite in under 7 minutes. I walked outside to throw away trash and with in 30 seconds, My hair froze!

I spent the night with A. So we planned on going out, even made reservations, but we decided to stay in and make jalapeno margs! It was still such a fun night doing nothing.

January is the Month of anniversaries for me. (I guess I take New Years Resolutions seriously) I have been blogging for 4 years now! Then I have been working my job for a whole stinkin year! AND I started dating A a year ago! (Which we are celebrating tonight, so I got to go and get ready for it!) So that is the wrap up of the month! 

-Belle Sleeve
-Work Pants 
-Easy Black Dress 
-OTK Boots 
-My Everyday Necklace

What is on my face:
-Eye Shadow

Listening to: I have been catching up with everything on NPR Politics.

Des Moines Life: I have lived here a whole stinkin year! I finally feel like I am a native. This is so weird, but even my phone navigation and uber have found where my hot spots are. As far as life in Iowa, the weather was wild this week. It was 50 degrees on Wednesday, then on Thursday it was zero and snowing like crazy. I can not keep up. I was feeling the February blues sneak up on me. So I googled if tanning beds could ever be a good idea (it said no) Then I googled side effects of not getting enough sun or vitamin D. The side effects of not getting sun outweighed the getting none.I ended up signing up for two weeks at the tanning place to get some vitamin D and some serotonin going.

Throw back post: Low key wish I was in Italy right now sipping no coffee and getting some great views



  1. happy anniversaries!! so exciting and i love your shopping picks!

  2. I live right outside of DC and i love. Happy anniversary!

  3. it's been a busy month for you - congratulations!! you're nailing it!

  4. Congrats on four years! I am so over winter and am so ready for warmer weather lol.

  5. Bridgette

    Awesome wrap up! Sounds like a lot of fun traveling with family. Congrats on your anniversaries, Best wishes!


  6. Love the wrap up post! It sounds like times have been exciting! <3

  7. I love your necklace! I got it in bracelet form this Christmas

  8. I love this! I did nothing for New Years either ha! I meant to, but life and money got in the way ha! Love your look and style!


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