Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Link Round Up: January

Hey Gal Pals! So lets do a little mini wrap up. New Years Resolutions. Working out is going well. Your girl has a bloating problem, and it is almost obsolete this past month. Which hands down is due to  working out, and not eating things I know I should not eat.  I am nawt excited for February's diet revamp, and by diet I mean just eating healthy. (Mostly no cheese and a huge cut on beverages, ugh) I'm sure I'll do a full post on that coming up. 

I am going on a work trip this weekend. Which I am pumped, its a city I always drive through on my way home from what always feels like an extra long trip. I hear it is great, but we will find out! Okay! Here we are. 

Also I've been eating a lot of food so here is a picture of an overly artistic one I had recently. 

This was Amazing// I feel that because you put certain things about your life in public, everyone feels like they can have an option. This read my mind.

Royal Engagement// NO! Not that one! I tried so hard to get in on the Harry engagement train, because  let’s be real Kate Middleton is the best thing that has ever happened to this world. (Not being dramatic). But I am not interested. I will give it to her, her ring is stunning (sucker for a three stone ring) but other than that I  can't keep myself up to date. BUT WAIT there is another engagement. The gal who shares my name Princess Eugenie. (5 dollars who can ever say it right) is engaged! Plus no one can do a gem stone ring like the royals! 

Too Funny// This was a cute funny story. I am not the biggest fan of logos on items I wear. However I might have teared up by the water lilly collection.  If I will the lottery I will get the cross body bag;) 

Obsessed// Is anyone else obsessed with quantifying love? No just me? I took a gender communication class in college. I thought it would be a blow off class, but it was amazing. Since then I have been obsessed with the science behind relationships. 

La Croix// Coconut is my favorite hands down, and lets be real. I only tried it because I  loved the colors. I was taking classes at this point, and it kept me sane. It felt like I was sipping on a pina colada while I was really in a 70 degree classroom getting in trouble for talking to much. BUT HOW CUTE IS THAT? 

Behind the Scenes// Haha just kidding! I love a good roast though!


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