Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get Ready With Me: Anniversary Edition

My first Chit Chat Get Ready with me! These are some of my favorite videos on Youtube! I always start with foundation, then I move to contour. I find doing my contour makes it easier to keep clean!

I am by no means am a makeup expert, but this is how I would get ready!  I only get full glam once maybe twice a week. Which I feel like back in the day I would get full glam every other day. But these days I just do not have the effort to balance everything AND focus on being full glam. I love getting ready for events, and trust me I love getting ready for a full evening. It is not always reasonable to do so. WHICH is fine! So this look is not everyday, but it is a fun look! Plus my whole look is linked down below!

Foundation: Blush/ Contour: mascara: eye shadow: eye primer: brow gel: lips: baking powder:


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