Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Explanation Of My Top Songs From 2017

So I get it, I am the problem. My number one song this year was It ain't me.  Whyyy. Okay I actually know why. I was in California, and for some reason when I stepped off the plane I said to my spotify to undownload everything. Then I hopped on a bus and two hours late I was in a place in the world where I did not have service for three weeks. #Cool. So everyday when I washed my face with a green tea scrub and cold water (Not by choice) and brushed my teeth. That was 1 of 3 songs that worked on my phone for those 3 weeks. 

 THEN The Floor by Future Thieves was my winter album. I remember scrambling in the mornings getting ready for work. The line: Tuesday, I guess it was Tuesday. Is my favorite line in there (Tuesday may or may not be my favorite day of the week).

Then the big ones HARRY STYLES and Taylor Swift dropped fire albums, but a song that will be associated with 2017 surprisingly was Liam Payne's Stip that Down! And on the topic of overly popular new albums, Lorde The Lourve made me miss Paris so much. (But who is not at all times?) Then to take it home Malibu was my favorite summer jamb, hands down.

Then of course some good indie and acoustic music that was the background to everything. Does anyone else have any embarrassing songs from there year?



  1. Loved reading this!

  2. These songs sound so good.


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