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2017 Lifestyle Favorites

Oh my gosh. How are we done with 2017? In one of my most popular post of the year (here) I talk about how wild the year of 22 was. Trust me 2016 was probably the most bittersweet year of my life. There were SO MANY HIGHS and SO SO SO MANY LOWS.

It happens. and I think the biggest thing I learned from 2017 is the fact that you can be totally completely happy and excited about life. BUT also be so stress, and concerned and worried. WHICH is okay, but you also need to deal with it. 

So 2016 was A LOT (still trying to get "a lot" to be one word), and going into 2017 I knew I could not have another year like the last. So my focus word for 2017 was to "be bold" Which I think in 2017, I took to heart. So here are somethings I loved during 2017. 


2016 was my year of travel. I will never and never want to travel as much as I did in 2016. However 2017, I was able to sneak in a handful of trips.  These were the highlight reel.

January: Got back from Florida with Friends for NYE.

February: Bae asked to go on a ski trip and I was so nervous to spend a whole weekend, but it was one of the most relaxing trip of year. I had such a great time.

March: Chicago with work. I had never been and it was so nice to see what the city was like. 

April: My least favorite trip of the year. It started in March and ended in April. I went to California for some military training for a couple of weeks. It was a wild experience. 

May: VANCOUVER! This was seriously one of my favorite trips of the year. My favorite part was seeing a sun set, taking in the warmth of  heater, and chatting with A. 

June: Ah my first trip back to Michigan. One of my cousins got married and it was such a fun time catching up with everyone!

July: I had never explored the west side of Michigan before. It was funny because I always thought I would burn vacation days abroad, but Michigan ended up being such a fun time!

August: Last minute work trip to El Paso Anyone? No? No one? I got to see my college best friend then go to get back and hop on a plane to SEATTLE. I enjoyed the hiking, the city not to much

*this was the point where I got on travel burn out*

September: Houston. Oh yeah. So after the hurricanes, I helped my company out. It was a fun trip filled that kept me over the top busy. After this trip I really appreciated my own bed.   

October: TWIN CITIES! We went to mall of america and a vickings game that ended up being the highlight of the trip. ( to so much surprise to me)

November: Just a trip back to Michigan to see everyone for Thanksgiving

December: DC is my favorite city, so I had no complaints going to it for Christmas. 

I love a good van gogh painting, and I love a good one of a kind Andy Warhol painting all to myself. And trust me I adore a little blue dress to run around in eating pink pastries, and ordering carb loaded dishes covered in a spice filled gravy. HOWEVER, I found in 2017 that just because you are going to cool locations does not mean that it is fulfilling to the soul


We got a new logo! We took blogging more seriously! Overall blogging was the most consistent and long term project I have taken on. It feels automatic and part of me. I never dread doing a blog post, I never question it. It just comes from me, and that is why I love it. 

Eye Palettes// 

I have a knack for colors, and this year I really went crazy for it. I have been wearing my eyes the same since my Junior year of college (overdose on the highlight white), but I had more time on my hands so playing with some eye colors was my favorite. These were some good ones that worked best: This, this, this.


Oh my gosh, I missed this place so much. I missed the crew at all times and I missed being near home!  I love visiting and seeing everyone!


This was such a love hate relationship for me for about the past decade of my life. I have loved personal finance since my senior year of undergrad, and this year I took it to the next level this past year. If you have never heard of Dave Ramsey take a look. He breaks down money so easily. 

It is so empowering to not have to rely on people, and its even more empowering to be able to give back and help others. I became budget obsessed this past year, and I know I continue this on in 2018. (There might even be some post about it?!)


He told me I could use him in my blog as much as I wanted;) , but this was so unexpected in 2017. I knew I wanted to be in a relationship in 2017, but I had no clue I would be in a relationship as happy and healthy as this. We could do nothing and it would still be a good time with him. 

There is so much more I could say, but it would not fit in just one post;)

Growing Up//

2016 felt like a year of the end, and 2017 felt like a year of a beginning. There were so many new things that happened this year, and I felt like a new person because of it. There was no big change, but I felt like I had the big parts together. There are some little pieces that I still need help on, and I am sure that I will never not need help from other people. 

HOWEVER, this past year there were so many other focuses that I did not need and other things I never thought of that I ended up needing. I think that is just a part of growing up. 

Moving Forward//

In 2016, I had such a hard time with this. I felt like if you moved on or went to something different that was quitting. In 2017 I learned that moving forward has nothing to do with commitment. Just because you do not want something in your life anymore (because it over just not good for you) does not mean you have an issue with commitment. 

This can be applied to work, people, or friends. 


How could I forget about this?! Never in a billion years would I ever think I would be in IOWA! Seriously not a single day of my life thought I would be here. (And this is not the first time I was thinking "how did I get here") 

Iowa is a world of its own, I've gotten to meet some amazing people. I have learned so much from my job, and I can not wait to see where this year takes us!

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  1. I live in Vancouver! Isn’t it such a magical place?


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