Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Out On The Town

Alright gal pals, we are talking going out tops. Life gets more and more casual. Which is fine, and I still love a good cocktail dress. (Might embarrass  whoever I am with when I force a cocktail dress on an evening, but let me live my life). I can get away with dresses for date night and hanging out with my family (because they have to love me?) 

BUT, when I am going out with people I find everyone wears pants. Which even a romper can feel a little over the top (I still wear them do not get me wrong but #ItIsColdInTheMidwest). 

So what my go to always ends up being is a cute top and black pants. (This can be a pixie pant, leather leggings, or black jeggings). 

Here are my favorite picks:


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Link Round Up: January

Hey Gal Pals! So lets do a little mini wrap up. New Years Resolutions. Working out is going well. Your girl has a bloating problem, and it is almost obsolete this past month. Which hands down is due to  working out, and not eating things I know I should not eat.  I am nawt excited for February's diet revamp, and by diet I mean just eating healthy. (Mostly no cheese and a huge cut on beverages, ugh) I'm sure I'll do a full post on that coming up. 

I am going on a work trip this weekend. Which I am pumped, its a city I always drive through on my way home from what always feels like an extra long trip. I hear it is great, but we will find out! Okay! Here we are. 

Also I've been eating a lot of food so here is a picture of an overly artistic one I had recently. 

This was Amazing// I feel that because you put certain things about your life in public, everyone feels like they can have an option. This read my mind.

Royal Engagement// NO! Not that one! I tried so hard to get in on the Harry engagement train, because  let’s be real Kate Middleton is the best thing that has ever happened to this world. (Not being dramatic). But I am not interested. I will give it to her, her ring is stunning (sucker for a three stone ring) but other than that I  can't keep myself up to date. BUT WAIT there is another engagement. The gal who shares my name Princess Eugenie. (5 dollars who can ever say it right) is engaged! Plus no one can do a gem stone ring like the royals! 

Too Funny// This was a cute funny story. I am not the biggest fan of logos on items I wear. However I might have teared up by the water lilly collection.  If I will the lottery I will get the cross body bag;) 

Obsessed// Is anyone else obsessed with quantifying love? No just me? I took a gender communication class in college. I thought it would be a blow off class, but it was amazing. Since then I have been obsessed with the science behind relationships. 

La Croix// Coconut is my favorite hands down, and lets be real. I only tried it because I  loved the colors. I was taking classes at this point, and it kept me sane. It felt like I was sipping on a pina colada while I was really in a 70 degree classroom getting in trouble for talking to much. BUT HOW CUTE IS THAT? 

Behind the Scenes// Haha just kidding! I love a good roast though!


Monday, January 22, 2018

5 facts you did not know about me

Ah welcome back, happy Monday! Today felt like the biggest Monday in the world. I swear everyone I talked to was not having it. But it was okay because I was. I was tired, but I was feeling positive. 

I am going to be real here. Blog for me has been hard lately. I do not know why. Sometimes this stuff just spills out of me and other time I feel like I am clogged up. 

SO! You keep seeing this everywhere, but we are doing a 5 facts you did not know about about me. So here we go. 

1. I wear a PJ set to sleep in. I think I have been doing this since I was born. I remember when I was in Kindergarten  I had this lime green silk PJ set and I felt so fancy. Here are some of my favorites: Here, Here, Here.

2. WHICH leads me to my next fact. Because of this PJ set, I hate having any part of me being damp. My hair would be soaking wet after swimming or showering and my hair would be stick to my PJs and it was the worst feeling ever. 

Plus we had a pool in my backyard at the same time, and if you walked in the grass after a cannonball all of it would stick to you. It was the worst feeling ever.

3. I bet you can not pronounce my middle name. Eugenie. Actually most news anchors can not pronounce it either. Not because of me (I am not that cool), but because of Princess Eugenie (we will get more into that later) 

For me though it is a family name. It is my mother's name and every female for the past forever. (Very Technical) 

4. My major in college was corporate communication. Which I feel that 95% of bloggers are Communication majors as well. I always knew I wanted to be in business, but I am nawt a finance person. I love the makeup of an organization. I love how organizations change and why then change. 

5. I never in the world would ever have thought that I would be in Iowa. Never. Ever. In fact I even go a army reserve unity in NYC. It was not until I had to make plans to move to Iowa, that I knew it was real. (But boy am I glad I did) ((Again something I would never had thought I would ever say)) 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tips to Save Money Now!

We are throwing the blazer on for this post. Hello my young professionals/ my gals who are out in the world on your own. For me being financially independent is the biggest form of being an adult. (sounds cheesy). I get everyone is in a different financial position, these were some great tips that have helped me. 

Do a budget// I could do a FULL post on how to budget. Write down all of your monthly expenses. Save 10-20% of what you take home. Take the rest of what you have and STICK TO THAT NUMBER. This is the most important part, you get to choose exactly where your money goes.

Cut// Just like in workouts, your spending needs a cut. This is not to deprive you, but to empower you and do what you actually want. This one was a big switch for me. If you can cut out all the little day to day luxuries, this will really help you out at not only sticking with a budget, but you can save for the big things. These are somethings that I stay away from: A big gym with all the amenities. (saves 100 a month) Not getting my nails done. (Saves a 100 a month) I do my own hair. (I had to watch 47 YouTube videos but I also save a ton of time and it cost me 20 dollars every 3.5 weeks vs 150 every 8 weeks.) Starbucks: 5-25 dollars a WEEK. Do you really need to spend 120 on going out to dinner a week? Also GET RID OF the monthly subscriptions. 

You get the picture, there are so many things you can easily cut out. 

Plan// Okay the last one sounded so sad, this one is fun plan out where you are going to go roughly in the next year. Do you have to fly home twice a year for the holidays? Do you go on a yearly ski trip? Do you want to go to Italy with you and your girls? Are you a part of a destination wedding?  That. Is. Fine! If you know it is coming up within the next year, start putting money aside in your monthly budget so it does not put you in a bad place in the future. 

50-30-20 Rule// 50% to all monthly bills (rent, car, wifi, water) 30% goes to living expenses/ wants. Then lastly 20% going to savings. Again I could do full post on this, but each of those can be broken down. 

Debt is a Dirty Word// There is always the argument "Oh, but I have to build my credit" Okay If that is true get a credit card and only use it to buy gas. Live within your means, or below them!

Live Below Your Means// Which brings a second point. Do you need a new car. Do yo need the newest apartment. Do you need a new hand bag. Trust me I fall Vitim to this too. HOWEVER! My apartment is nothing special, and it does not need to be. I only use it to sleep, so why upgrade it for something that I will not appreciate. I think it is always to keep priorities in check. My favorite quote is "How much is this going to change the experience". I ask that to myself a lot. If it is just marginally, I move on.

These are just starter tips, but let me know in the comment section if you want to see more! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get Ready With Me: Anniversary Edition

My first Chit Chat Get Ready with me! These are some of my favorite videos on Youtube! I always start with foundation, then I move to contour. I find doing my contour makes it easier to keep clean!

I am by no means am a makeup expert, but this is how I would get ready!  I only get full glam once maybe twice a week. Which I feel like back in the day I would get full glam every other day. But these days I just do not have the effort to balance everything AND focus on being full glam. I love getting ready for events, and trust me I love getting ready for a full evening. It is not always reasonable to do so. WHICH is fine! So this look is not everyday, but it is a fun look! Plus my whole look is linked down below!

Foundation: http://shopstyle.it/l/uEB4 Blush/ Contour: http://shopstyle.it/l/uEBM mascara: http://shopstyle.it/l/uECg eye shadow: http://shopstyle.it/l/uECI eye primer: http://shopstyle.it/l/uECT brow gel: http://shopstyle.it/l/uEDo lips: http://shopstyle.it/l/uEDv baking powder: http://shopstyle.it/l/uEDJ


Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Focus Word

I love to pick a focus word for the year instead of a list of things I want to work on. I like having just one word for when I am a cross roads I can ask myself if it goes under what I wanted to do for the year. 

So in 2016 my word was "focus", and that did not happen what so ever, but at least I had the word! Then in 2017 my word was "to be bold". Which actually worked out! 

My word this year is so cliche, but I really dropped the ball on every aspect of my life this past year. That word is, health. I know, I know what you are saying. "Everyone wants to lose weight in the new year."

NO! Here is the break down of what I am trying to focus on this year. 

Diet: *I know this is a touchy subject for so many people. I am sharing my story and what I know works for me can completely not work for someone else.* I know I went way over the top in 2017 eating whatever I want. 

In 2018 that needs to change. I want to make all my food in 2018 and stop eating processed foods. (Sigh: I am the microwave food  queen) I will work towards walking away from that, and working towards a more plant based and protein diet. 

Fitness: I went from running about 35 miles a week, working out 6 days a week, and sometimes twice a day, to working out maybe 2 to 3 times a week for about 20 minutes if that. I got so lazy this year. Which is sad because I love fitness and always have! 

The game plan is to get back to working out 5 days a week. Which is completely doable for my schedule. I am starting with more hitt based workouts. Which are my absolute favorite, but that was hard to manage when training for XYZ. I’ve been following Whitney Simmons and doing a handful of her plans. (Which she has been kicking my behind) 

January- March the main focus will be strength based. THEN for come April it is looking like I will have a bit more time on my schedule, so ~*cardio*~ will be a main focus again. If my knee allows it, I will be upping the miles again.

Mental Health: Stress management needs to be a top priority this year. This year I heard someone talking about it and they said, “You either talk it out, or act it out”. And I have been acting it out. I’m a pretty positive person, and I am honestly happy about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I try to just ignore it or brush it off, and this year I really need to take a step back and simmer on things that are bothering me. Or even *gulp* trust loved one to talk about it to them. I’m joyful, but I still have every day issues like everyone else. I just need to find a way to deal with that in a healthy way this year. 

In take: SO we talked about food, but there is so much more we put on our bodies. This year I want to make a big effort that everything I put on my skin is good for it. I know I want to eliminate aluminum and parabens completely. (If you know any other big ones hit a sister up). I am very new to this, so this year I will make a big effort to make sure to clean up my every day routine. 

So that is my big main focus for the year. I know it is super cliché but I needed to make a huge change this year. Everyone rock out 2018!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Monthly Wrap Up

We have not had a wrap up in a while! Actually I feel like I have not even posted in a while. So what is going on? Lets throw it back to December. Celebrated with some holiday parties. Which this is similar to what I wore. (I loved it). 

Then I headed to Michigan with BAE to start the holiday events. We had a party with his side, which his cousin wrote a song to the tune of a Christmas song and sang about everyone. It was hilarious.

Then I made my way to Detroit to celebrate my mother's bday! That week FLEW BY. I thought I was going to get so bored, but I feel like I was there for a blink. I got to see my all of my family members. It was a great time filled with family, food, going to breweries (which I had mulled cider and it was bomb!) 

When that week was up, the weekend of Christmas I headed to D.C. (My favorite city), to spend Christmas with bae's fam. Which was spent with lots of board games, hiking (I died), and just all around hanging out. 

Then the big question, Why didn't you post anything for New Years?? Because I did not do anything! It was -10 in Des Moines and it physically hurt to walk outside. They said that you could get frost bite in under 7 minutes. I walked outside to throw away trash and with in 30 seconds, My hair froze!

I spent the night with A. So we planned on going out, even made reservations, but we decided to stay in and make jalapeno margs! It was still such a fun night doing nothing.

January is the Month of anniversaries for me. (I guess I take New Years Resolutions seriously) I have been blogging for 4 years now! Then I have been working my job for a whole stinkin year! AND I started dating A a year ago! (Which we are celebrating tonight, so I got to go and get ready for it!) So that is the wrap up of the month! 

-Belle Sleeve
-Work Pants 
-Easy Black Dress 
-OTK Boots 
-My Everyday Necklace

What is on my face:
-Eye Shadow

Listening to: I have been catching up with everything on NPR Politics.

Des Moines Life: I have lived here a whole stinkin year! I finally feel like I am a native. This is so weird, but even my phone navigation and uber have found where my hot spots are. As far as life in Iowa, the weather was wild this week. It was 50 degrees on Wednesday, then on Thursday it was zero and snowing like crazy. I can not keep up. I was feeling the February blues sneak up on me. So I googled if tanning beds could ever be a good idea (it said no) Then I googled side effects of not getting enough sun or vitamin D. The side effects of not getting sun outweighed the getting none.I ended up signing up for two weeks at the tanning place to get some vitamin D and some serotonin going.

Throw back post: Low key wish I was in Italy right now sipping no coffee and getting some great views


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2017 Favorite Outfit Post

 Ah 2017 what a year! So much happened this year and I am completely grateful for all of it. This past year with the blog I started outfit photos! This was surprisingly extremely hard for me. I love looking at outfit post, however it is so uncomfortable to take them and edit them. It was even a little hard to write about them.

But ya have to stay up to date on industry trends so what are you going to do?  Outfit photos were a lot of fun on Instagram and these were a couple of my favorites from the year. 

This white lace dress was hands down my favorite! I loved this dress so much. It made me feel like an ABBA character. I pretty much wore this to every for like 12 weekends in a row during the summer. 

This all black blazer outfit was fire. Number one pixie pants were my favorite from the year they were like leggings you could wear to work. Plus, this is my favorite blazer I own. Not to mention these heels are super easy to walk in. 

This romper is my favorite color and my favorite flower. There is nothing else I need to say about it😉

Thanks for a great year everyone and I can’t wait to see everyone rock it out this year!


Monday, January 8, 2018

2017 Favorites

 We are slowly wrapping up 2017 on the blog. I love this blog because I always get to selflessly use this as my personal scrapbook. There are the products that got me through this whole year. 

-Covergirl Mascara: This was the best mascara I have ever used. I got this because it had fibers and was buildable and trust me sistahs, this was amazing. You lash get to big with these. I feel like I am wearing fakes with it. 

-Tarte  Blush: This stuff is so bright, but looks so good and last for forever!

-Baking powder: I know I am so late to this game, but it changes your contour game. 

-Planner: I could not even function without this! I use my planner for everything and checked it about 47 times a day. This was the true lifesaver this year. 

- Wallet: I lost my wallet this year, and you do not realize how much you apricate it until it is gone! (Also I was born the year of the dog, and that is this year as well. So naturally I had to put it on there. 

-1 Liter Water bottle: I drink a lot of coffee so I must make sure I drink a lot of water. Having a bigger bottle makes it easier to see how much you are drinking. 

-Old Navy Pixie Pants: Oh hot damn. Seriously this made work so easy to get ready for because of how amazingly comfy these things are. They are like the leggings of the work force. 

- Instagram: Instagram was like a game to me this year. It was so fun learning new strategies, telling little stories, and trying to make my pictures look like artwork. I am going to try to get better at photography this year, but last  year Instagram was my favorite social media.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Explanation Of My Top Songs From 2017

So I get it, I am the problem. My number one song this year was It ain't me.  Whyyy. Okay I actually know why. I was in California, and for some reason when I stepped off the plane I said to my spotify to undownload everything. Then I hopped on a bus and two hours late I was in a place in the world where I did not have service for three weeks. #Cool. So everyday when I washed my face with a green tea scrub and cold water (Not by choice) and brushed my teeth. That was 1 of 3 songs that worked on my phone for those 3 weeks. 

 THEN The Floor by Future Thieves was my winter album. I remember scrambling in the mornings getting ready for work. The line: Tuesday, I guess it was Tuesday. Is my favorite line in there (Tuesday may or may not be my favorite day of the week).

Then the big ones HARRY STYLES and Taylor Swift dropped fire albums, but a song that will be associated with 2017 surprisingly was Liam Payne's Stip that Down! And on the topic of overly popular new albums, Lorde The Lourve made me miss Paris so much. (But who is not at all times?) Then to take it home Malibu was my favorite summer jamb, hands down.

Then of course some good indie and acoustic music that was the background to everything. Does anyone else have any embarrassing songs from there year?


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What I learned In 2017

Another bonus tip, was I can write all day long, but I never feel like I am sharing anything personal. I love love love my blog. I can share tid bits, but I am not a writer by nature. I love to write do not get me wrong. It is for sure a passion of mine, but talking is my talent;) Just ask any school teacher of mine;). 

I love the blog because it is my little online magazine, but I can share so much more through word. So here is my little YouTube channel sharing the big lessons I took away from 2017.

2017 was such a fun and happy and unknown year. There was so much that went on, and here is a little vid to take on what I learned!

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Lifestyle Favorites

Oh my gosh. How are we done with 2017? In one of my most popular post of the year (here) I talk about how wild the year of 22 was. Trust me 2016 was probably the most bittersweet year of my life. There were SO MANY HIGHS and SO SO SO MANY LOWS.

It happens. and I think the biggest thing I learned from 2017 is the fact that you can be totally completely happy and excited about life. BUT also be so stress, and concerned and worried. WHICH is okay, but you also need to deal with it. 

So 2016 was A LOT (still trying to get "a lot" to be one word), and going into 2017 I knew I could not have another year like the last. So my focus word for 2017 was to "be bold" Which I think in 2017, I took to heart. So here are somethings I loved during 2017. 


2016 was my year of travel. I will never and never want to travel as much as I did in 2016. However 2017, I was able to sneak in a handful of trips.  These were the highlight reel.

January: Got back from Florida with Friends for NYE.

February: Bae asked to go on a ski trip and I was so nervous to spend a whole weekend, but it was one of the most relaxing trip of year. I had such a great time.

March: Chicago with work. I had never been and it was so nice to see what the city was like. 

April: My least favorite trip of the year. It started in March and ended in April. I went to California for some military training for a couple of weeks. It was a wild experience. 

May: VANCOUVER! This was seriously one of my favorite trips of the year. My favorite part was seeing a sun set, taking in the warmth of  heater, and chatting with A. 

June: Ah my first trip back to Michigan. One of my cousins got married and it was such a fun time catching up with everyone!

July: I had never explored the west side of Michigan before. It was funny because I always thought I would burn vacation days abroad, but Michigan ended up being such a fun time!

August: Last minute work trip to El Paso Anyone? No? No one? I got to see my college best friend then go to get back and hop on a plane to SEATTLE. I enjoyed the hiking, the city not to much

*this was the point where I got on travel burn out*

September: Houston. Oh yeah. So after the hurricanes, I helped my company out. It was a fun trip filled that kept me over the top busy. After this trip I really appreciated my own bed.   

October: TWIN CITIES! We went to mall of america and a vickings game that ended up being the highlight of the trip. ( to so much surprise to me)

November: Just a trip back to Michigan to see everyone for Thanksgiving

December: DC is my favorite city, so I had no complaints going to it for Christmas. 

I love a good van gogh painting, and I love a good one of a kind Andy Warhol painting all to myself. And trust me I adore a little blue dress to run around in eating pink pastries, and ordering carb loaded dishes covered in a spice filled gravy. HOWEVER, I found in 2017 that just because you are going to cool locations does not mean that it is fulfilling to the soul


We got a new logo! We took blogging more seriously! Overall blogging was the most consistent and long term project I have taken on. It feels automatic and part of me. I never dread doing a blog post, I never question it. It just comes from me, and that is why I love it. 

Eye Palettes// 

I have a knack for colors, and this year I really went crazy for it. I have been wearing my eyes the same since my Junior year of college (overdose on the highlight white), but I had more time on my hands so playing with some eye colors was my favorite. These were some good ones that worked best: This, this, this.


Oh my gosh, I missed this place so much. I missed the crew at all times and I missed being near home!  I love visiting and seeing everyone!


This was such a love hate relationship for me for about the past decade of my life. I have loved personal finance since my senior year of undergrad, and this year I took it to the next level this past year. If you have never heard of Dave Ramsey take a look. He breaks down money so easily. 

It is so empowering to not have to rely on people, and its even more empowering to be able to give back and help others. I became budget obsessed this past year, and I know I continue this on in 2018. (There might even be some post about it?!)


He told me I could use him in my blog as much as I wanted;) , but this was so unexpected in 2017. I knew I wanted to be in a relationship in 2017, but I had no clue I would be in a relationship as happy and healthy as this. We could do nothing and it would still be a good time with him. 

There is so much more I could say, but it would not fit in just one post;)

Growing Up//

2016 felt like a year of the end, and 2017 felt like a year of a beginning. There were so many new things that happened this year, and I felt like a new person because of it. There was no big change, but I felt like I had the big parts together. There are some little pieces that I still need help on, and I am sure that I will never not need help from other people. 

HOWEVER, this past year there were so many other focuses that I did not need and other things I never thought of that I ended up needing. I think that is just a part of growing up. 

Moving Forward//

In 2016, I had such a hard time with this. I felt like if you moved on or went to something different that was quitting. In 2017 I learned that moving forward has nothing to do with commitment. Just because you do not want something in your life anymore (because it over just not good for you) does not mean you have an issue with commitment. 

This can be applied to work, people, or friends. 


How could I forget about this?! Never in a billion years would I ever think I would be in IOWA! Seriously not a single day of my life thought I would be here. (And this is not the first time I was thinking "how did I get here") 

Iowa is a world of its own, I've gotten to meet some amazing people. I have learned so much from my job, and I can not wait to see where this year takes us!

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