Monday, December 31, 2018

Blogmas Review

 Hey what is up hello! This is the last post of blogmas! The goal of blogmas was to post a blog post every single day. I do not know why December is the month to do this, but that was the goal. This is the break down.

Did you blog all 31 days?

NO! I did not. I failed, I only did 28 post. This was the most I have ever posted in a month though, so that honestly I call it a win.

Will you continue to post every single day? 

NO! My readers have told me in the past they only want 3 post a week. I had the same amount of views on my blog, but I posted more. Overall, I am going to focus more on quality over quantity.

Will you ever do Blogmas ever again?

Probably nawt. Although I am glad I can say I did this many post, my blog at this point in time does not need it. 

What did you learn from Blogmas?

That I forgot why I really started this blog into the first day. To become better at graphic design and focus on being a better artist! Spraying out blog post did not help with that at all!

2018 Lifestyle:

 Hey what is up hello! 2018 was a super interesting year. Every year I am like "IT WAS WILD", but 2018 I learned so much about myself. Which 2016 I was so super single and I was doing every single thing in the world to make sure I "found myself". And 2018 I really worked on myself despite being part of a partnership. I 100% think that you need to love yourself before you love someone else. In 2017 I knew I truly knew who I was and I appreciated who I was. I also knew I would be a growing human. I have always been in the boat that no matter what single or dating you need to grow as a human, and you can not find who you are in another person. That is my soap box on relationships do not make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. 
Add caption

I always say my blog audience is my "best friends" that whoever reads this is what I would write to my sister. I want to say all of this before I get into the nitty gritty of my yearly favorites!

Stress Management// This year I actually seeked out help on how to deal with stress. You are not taught how to deal with real stress your whole life. And sometimes you just need to talk to a 3rd party to get what you are thinking, and organize your thoughts. I would recommend to anyone to seek help if they need it.  You can be sad or depressed and not have depression. You can feel stressed and feel anxiety and not have anxiety. You still need to know how to sort our those feelings. 

Alex// As always there are not enough words to express how lucky I am to have this guy by my side. We could be half way across the world and Alex would be my constant. In fact he made me watch the lost episode called "constant". Alex would always be himself no matter what and I am so lucky for that. 

Doha// I do not think I would have 2018 except for Doha. When I think of 2018 I will think of Doha. It was exciting to go to a country that is so far ways from home. 11,000 miles to be exact. 

Saying Good-Bye//Leaving for the middle east was something I did nawt want to do what so ever, but ya got to go what ya got to go. Saying bye was so hard, it was bitter sweet, but probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

Moving// I moved twice this year, and it was horrible equally both times! I have nothing to say about this but I will forever hire movers. Also I have so much stuff, I got rid of so much stuff, and I still will be getting rid of more. 

Blogging// Blogging was so fun this year, I think I am getting too much into my groove. I am going to go more into this, but my goal for next year it to create better content. This year though it was fun working with brands, growing my platforms and learning more about this blogger world.

GymShark// I noticed I was only wearing business casual or sweats, but I was buying all these going out clothes all the time that I never wore. This year I stopped buying going out clothes because I never wore them, and started buying athelisure clothing. Which I am so happy, because my life is so much more cozy. 

Michigan// I missed being "home" so bad. I forgot how much I love Michigan, and I loved spending time with my family. I think we went to happy hour like every other day when I was home. 

Staying In// I was so sick of traveling this year, I lived for weekend I had nothing to do. Also in 2018, for the most part I was in a distance relationship, so when I did have a weekend off it was totally what I wanted to. I remember I got some mac n cheese BBQ nachos after work on a Friday, got some wine, watched a movie, slept in for the first time in MONTHS. And it was literally the best day of just hanging out. Yes, I love doing stuff and hanging out with people, but this was so nice. 

Old Good Friends// I got to see my best friend from Kindergarten! It was so fun to catch up and remember the good old days. ALSO I got to hang out with my college friends! We have not hung out in about a year and a half, and it was exciting to see each other and go back to East Lansing.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Weekly Update

Hey what is up hello! I kind of already did one of these this week, BUT I NEEDED TO UPDATE. Number 1 (because bike update is the big news) so this is my favorite story ever. My grandpa when he was in WWII, he wrote my grandma a letter saying he was eating Spam for Christmas Eve and whenever he eats spam it reminds him of my grandma. And my grandma was always like, "Why do I remind you of spam" 

I have loved that story so much my whole life and I always thought it was so funny. (Also side note I can not believe people could not facetime/ see their significant other for months and months back then") This year on Christmas Eve, I was talking to my mom, and I was eating (THIS)  Which I love these, if you ever want to send me a care package, this is literally the only thing I want. My mom got all upset and she was like "I can not believe we make our troops eat canned chicken for Christmas eve dinner!" And I was laughing so hard, because I LOVE those so much and I had lobster for Christmas lunch. 
ANYWAYS, why you really came here. I FEEL PERSONALLY VICTIMIZED by the new bike rule on post and the new bike rule was put on post because of me (and maybe my blog post about how happy I am) That being said, I turned my bike in for my monthly inspection, and when I signed the rules there was a new one added to the list. Guess what that new rule was... YOU HAVE TO PARK YOUR BIKE AT THE BIKE RACK NOW. I feel every feeling about this. I want to know why one bike had such an impact on this post. Also the one time I had my bike stolen was when I parked it at a bike rack. There we go. 

2018 Travel

I was going to put this in my lifestyle post, but it got so long, so I thought I would put this in its own post!

Jan// Kansas City! I have no photos but I went for work and never been before. Also Alex was not going to come, but I could only handle being a bachelorette for one night, and he came and we got to explore the city! 

Feb// Denver- This was such a relaxing trip. We went for a long weekend, and we had such a fun day skiing two days in a row. And hang out in the hot tub, drinking red wine, and looking at the mountains. and pf course skiing!

March// Wisconsin for a work conference (never been). Missouri instead of Las Vegas. Because who would not want to spend a week in Vegas with your favorite people. (This is the month where stress started getting pretty bad, I might be blaming it on not being home at all haha)

April// Michigan- Went back to the old stomping grounds for Easter! It was great to be back and I forgot how much I miss Michigan.

Omaha- This was the month distance started, which when we were in the states it was not too bad, it was actually fun going on "Vacations" all the time. 

Dallas- For work. I literally spent an evening in Omaha and turned around had 30 minutes to pack and head to Dallas. Trust me Dallas was the last place in the world I wanted to be. BUT I got to go and see my old childhood home and eat dinner at the best Mexican food in the world. 

May// Seattle- Alex was going to a different clerkship every single month. Seattle was so fun to go to. We did not do the tourist stuff, but stayed in the burbs and it was so much more fun than our trip (last year).

El Paso- Again for work. I did get to see my best friend from which was awesome! 

June// Michigan- I went home for a long weekend and I really needed this weekend. I last minute decided to come home. My dad talked me into going. I did not realize how much I missed being home and being with my family. 

Buffalo- (You can see why I hate traveling now) 

Twin Cities- Again to see Alex. (For the record Alex came to see me a lot too, but it was in Des Moines haha!) This was my second time in the twin cities, it was actually a lot of fun to go to the sculpture garden. That was my favorite part. There was also this super cute cider brewery #GlutenFree and a lot of them tasted like a real brews, which I loved. 

July// I move out of Des moines and go to army training in Des Moines! This got changed super super last minute. It was suppose to be in Wisconsin, and I packed up all of my stuff and was ready to roll and I get an email saying Just kidding. I moved my stuff back to Michigan AND Headed back to Des Moines/Missouri 

Kentucky- A was in Kentucky for the next two months. We had so much fun in here. We went to Mammoth Caves which was perfect for the summer because the caves temperature wise are so cool. We rented a little cabin by the lake (I would highly suggest not staying at the park there are a lot better options a little bit farther away.) And of course we stayed in Louisville. The city is so cute, and we loved going doing all the touristy things.

August// This was the last month before all the fun started. The last trip was to Nashville. Which we were not able to make it to Las Vegas this year, but this was a close second. We went out the town and really just enjoyed the last trip of the year!

September// Back in El Paso, essentially just got ready to go. I got 4 days off before I left and I got to hang out with my parents and Alex came down before the final count down!

October// I have been in Doha since! You can check out my weekend (here) 

So I am 500 shades of done with Traveling at this point, and when I get back in 2019 I never want to travel ever again. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Fashion Favorites

Hey what is up hello! Fashion was at an all time simple this year. I will not ever go into too much detail, but here were my faves:

Military Jacket// If you live in the midwest you know how amazing this piece is. You can throw this on with leggings, jeans, or work pants. All of which it matches amazing!

Plaid// As every year goes this is a preppy essential. You can layer this under any sweater or coat, or pair this with anything.

Backpack// I love something that I can put my laptop or tablet in. Seriously I do not know how to just sit there and enjoy life, so a backpack can hold everything and look super cute!

OTK Boots// I love these because this makes every single outfit look even more put together.

Levi Jeans// So stretchy and so comfy. This look is professional and put together all while being comfy and casual.

Chunky Sweaters// I love a good turtle neck sweater. Anything that is conservative you can wear to work or at a cozy night in, and that is all I ask for in my clothes.

Black Jumpsuit// If you live in the midwest, there are a lot of moments where you are like "Do we dress up... OR do we dress super super casual." A black jumpsuit is the look for you.

Black booties// Pair this with black pant/jean/leggings. It will make your legs look so long, and will make you look so trendy.

Last thing!// Jacks are literally the best shoes for your casual summer look. It makes you look so put together and so preppy. I wore these with every outfit this summer.


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Top Blog Post from the year

Hey what is up hello! So We are wrapping up the year and I want to reshare some of my favorite post from the year. I am not even kidding I forgot about some of these post. It is fun to rewind and see some things that are actually still relevant! 







Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018 Beauty Favorites

Hey what is up hello! I have always loved make up but this year I put in a couple of extra steps and spent a little bit more time creating some fun new looks! Here is my wrap up from the year!

J.Hill Palette// I honestly bought this palette because I liked 1 pink color, and have been obsessed with the palette ever since. I wore this alllll summer long and not only are the colors perfect, the formula is hot fire flames.

Primer// I started using face primer this year, and this glues your makeup on your face for the day.

Wet N Wild Highlighter// I have been sleeping on wet n wild, however their highlighter is the best thing that was added to make routine. It is so pigmented and even for beginners this is easy to use.

Tarte Mascara// I was using (this)  mascara at the beginning of the year and I was like there is no way anything can top it! That being said I got this tarte mascara in something I ordered from tarte and I will NEVER go back. The other one has fibers that messed with my eyes, but this does not have it and gets the same effect.

Face Powder// Oh my gosh if you want to make your skin look like velvet, dust this over your full face before setting powder and will look like you got your make up done by a professional!


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Timeline of a Deployment Christmas:

Hey what is up hello! I thought this would be fun to share, so I am deployed to the middle east right now with the army. It really is not too bad, but I do  miss my family and Alex. One thing for sure, is that the holidays this year was way different.

I will not get into the details, but my job is 24 hour operations (I would say similar to a hospital), so someone always has to be in the office in case something happens, or someone needs a resource to get the answers. I am what I would call a "manager" on the normal work world. A lot of my coworkers were going to go out to a nice dinner, and I opted in to work Christmas so my team could enjoy the holiday.

Which was no big deal, so I got to celebrate on the 24th! Here is what my day looked like. (Also I work evenings hence why the timeline is a little weird) 

2:00pm: I wake up and realize I miss lunch. Normally I would skip this meal, and have a piece of fruit for breakfast. (Because my work schedule is different I do intermittent fasting, which I can nawt do with a normal schedule) BUT today is a treat yo self day. I go to the "pub" and grab some chicken wings. 

2:30pm: I get back I eat my chicken wings, I make coffee like I do every morning. My mom gave me a single serving fancy coffee set. I had that and enjoyed my morning. I clean my room, start my laundry. 

3:30pm: I call Alex, and he is working a on rocket (Yes the kind you make when you are in 7th grade haha) and he and his fam were working on a corn hole piece. We just checked in, and we went on with our holiday.

3:30pm: I start a face mask! I have never done a chemical exfoliate, and it was really nice. It burns a tiny bit, but after my face felt so smooth. The mask was a red pink shade and I sent a snap to my fam and friends. Alex called me extremely concerned and wondered if I was having an allergic reaction. I was not it was just the color of my mask. 

4:00pm: I called my parents. We all drank coffee together and it is always fun to chat with my mom and dad. (I opened their gifts a while back) 

5:00pm: My friend decided to watch some human trafficking documentary, so he was sad about that, so we grabbed dinner. I had shepherds pie and fries because, treat yo self. 

6:00pm: I do Christmas with Alex! I go him this, an army bucket hat, a shirt with my unit on it, a year membership to anytime fitness, AND A SURPRISE that we will talk about later. 

Alex's family sent me some super nice gifts, and Alex got me a digital frame with a ton of our photos from the years. It was honestly so sweet, because I have it in my room and I am always reminded of all of our fun times! It was good celebrating together, and makes me even more excited for next year to celebrate together. 

7:00pm: I go to the pub with some friends and grab my three brews for the night. I just chat with everyone and just enjoy the evening. 

9:00pm: Alex called again, we literally talked for 5 minutes. He got my letter that I sent his for Christmas, and it was nice checking in with him before his whole family came over to his house. 

9:30pm: I finished my laundry and realized I was STARVING. I go and order stir fried rice because, treat yo self. I go back to my room and A sends me a photos of his rocket (remember that) and he sent  me some videos of him launching it. All so extremely exciting;)

10:00pm: I put on my christmas Pjs my mom sent me, and I go to bed.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fitness Friend Gift Guide

Hey what is up hello! I do not know why I say that at the beginning of every single post. It is from a Fetty Wap song. Which I know I am dating myself. I was at military training going into my senior year of college. A little unknown fact about military post. Your phone barely works without wifi. I had downloaded songs on spotify, but I had zero point zero service and only two song for all of my friends worked the whole time I was there. One of my friends had Fetty Wap's new album and another had 1 song from Beyonce: XO. So the whole time I was in Kentucky those were the only songs anyone could listen to, and I am not kidding when I say that song is forever engraved into my brain. 

So here we go, this is the LAST gift guide. Because personally I hate gift guides. The only gift guides I even look at are: last minute and guy gift guides. So here we are gifts for your fitness friend. Which to be honest, you could go to the Target fitness section because it is never picked over and there you go. However here are some good ideas for your fitness friend (FF).


Friday, December 21, 2018

Weekly Update- If You Are Not 3rd You Are Last

Hey what is up hello! So I know why we are all here, for an update on my bike. So there are no rules on where you have to park your bike. In fact I asked, and I was told I can park my bike anywhere. I took that to heart. When I go to work I pretty much park right by the door, place my helmet on the ground and go to work. No big deal. 

And when I go to my living space I park at the bike rack and put my helmet on the ground, however if I am just running in I park it on the wall by the door. Again, no rules on where you can and can not park your bike. (I mean do not park it in front of doors duh.) I want to say I am on the younger side of the people here. People will go out of their way to pick up my helmet and balance it on my bike seat. (I honestly do not know how they do it. And I am not even kidding I pretty much hide my bike, and people will go out of their way to put my bike in the bike rack. I have a theory that these are dads who miss yelling at their kids to put their bikes away, and that is why they go out of the way to do it haha. 

Anyways. we had our winter ball this past week. I last minute decided to cancel and even more last minute (20 minutes until the bus left) that I was going to attend. I had wet hair and all, but it was fun. Am I glad I went? Eh. Am I disappointed I went? No. It was fun. I took zero pictures. The food was amazing. They had seared steak. Which I literally am in love with. In Paris I accidentally ordered it and I have been in love ever since.  Anyways, it was a good time. (Also the caption: I am part of 3rd Army, which is my higher higher higher, and has a ton of history, and everyone makes jokes of the name)

So Satisfying// I do not know why but I could not stop watching this. I love how artistic this was. 

Turtle Neck Pull Over// I wear one of these almost every single day. I would not say I am modest, but I would say I am most comfortable being covered up. 

My Favorite Boutique// I have loved the Red Dress Boutique since college, and I have gotten so many dresses for events from them. They were on shark tank, and I have been following their story since they were on. This is the owners reaction to it. ALSO their model is on the new season of The Bachelor.

I started Fitness Videos// Do not get me started on how much I hate videography. Sometimes I laugh because I am probably the influencer with the most content and the least amount of views. I am really just teaching myself on this blog BECAUSE I am launching something new next year!

I can not stop laughing at this 

Does anyone else have a million weddings to go to next year?// I love this dress so much and the color just pops!


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Years Eve Dress Ideas

Hey what is up hello! That being said lets move on to a new topic. Lets get ourselves a new years eve dress! New years eve is probably my second favorite holiday. I love thanksgiving due to hanging out with the fam and eating all day long. 

New Years eve for me is either AH MAZ ING, or just sad and nothing happens. The years that are so great, there is so much effort put into making it fun, which it almost feels like forced fun! Last year though was super fun, and all we did was stay in (it was -17 degrees outside and burned to be out there for even a minute) We were going to get a fancy dinner and grab cocktails downtown (Team lets stop clubs 2019) Last minute we stayed in and had jalapeno margaritas and it was the best night ever. 

Also I am nawt a pink fan what so ever ("Uh, Bridgette, look at your profile picture") But I am loving a statement pink dress for the new year! I am usually a black person, but when else can you wear a sequin bold colored romper?


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey what is up hello! Happy birthday to my mother! Shout out to my mom for always being the best travel partner, happy hour friend, and best cook in the world. (Seriously miss your home cooking so much right about now)

Thank you for always teaching me to never settle on anything other than the best, for teaching me it is more important to get forgiveness than to get permission. Thank you for always taking my Saturday morning phone calls, and always helping me pack up for every single move I have had in the past decade (I think 47? haha)

Love you so much mom and I hope you had the best day ever! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Hey what is up hello! As always, obviously I do not want all of this stuff. In fact I want zero stuff. I live in a 100 square foot box (I actually do not know the size just it is small), so I need and want nothing. That being said, obviously these post are fun. 

It is kind of like what if I won the lottery, what would I get. Obviously I would never accept a 4,000 dollar duffel bag! But it is so freaking cute, so here is my list.

Tweed// If I WAS home for the holidays I think tweed would be my outfit of choice this season. I think it is so cute and classic, I am honestly surprised it did not become popular sooner.

Duffel// I appreciate Louis vuitton, but I have never really wanted wanted anything from them. UNTIL their artist collection. 

Leather Leggings// This is not even lux, I just really want a pair.

Primer// I want a fancy primer, because I can not justify getting one because no one sees it, also the cheap ones work well too! haha

Makeup Brushes// This is not lux either, but I hate buying makeup brushes and I want a million and only need like 2!

Jcrew Stadium Jacket// I have wanted one of these for YEARS. And every year I am like "Oh I do not need it next season" Which this season I did nawt need one what so ever. But it is so cute and classic!

Gucci Belt// I would wear this once and feel like a try hard #CalledOut But I could always put it in blog layouts.

Over the Knee Boots// Almost all boots you can get away with lower priced options and no one would know the difference. Fancy over the knee boots just look sooo much better.

Channel Bag// I mean no explanation needed. 


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Guy Gift Guide

I failed again! Okay so with the military ball I messed up on a day or two. (two). I was not going to go last minute, and then even more last minute I ended up going. Am I happy I went, eh. Am I disappointment I went, nah. BUT we are behind on blogmas!

SO Hey what is up hello! Why are guys the hardest to buy for? For the gals in my life, I can run into jcrew or ulta and be set. Then for the guys you think you get them something amazing, and they never use it! 

Like last year, my dad has never ask for anything ever, and he said he wanted bean boots. My siblings and I are like cool, this is great too easy. We get them for him, and he NEVER wear them. So, you win some you lose some. 

Anyways this is a gift guide good for any of the guys in your life. 


Gala Season

Hey what is up hello! It is gala season with the end of the year and the beginning of the year just around the corner there are a lot of big events going on this time of year. 

Which I had my big Christmas Ball and I took zero point zero photos. I am also extremely annoyed because I ordered a camera charger a month ago and I still have not gotten in (contacted the store) which is annoying because it is the one thing I bought that I actually need!

Anyways I love a good ball and here are some of my favorite picks for any black tie event.

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