Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Weekly Roundup

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a life round up, today is a link round up. So I send memes back and forth with my sister and my college best friend. BUT I can only send them so much, so these were some of my favorites from the month.

Also this photos is a photo of Des Moines. I took an etiquette class last week and it was a stunning view! ALSO last thing from the month. I CAN NOT STOP EATING OLIVES. So I got into making my own pizza. I know, bad. My limit is 1 every other week. BUT because I started making my own I thought it was okay to get it once, MAYBE even twice a week.

It is for sure a budget friendly move, however not healthy what so ever. Whatever, back to what this conversation started from. Olives are my new obsession. I put it on pizza, sandwiches, salads, and olive hummus is amazing! If any of you have any amazing recipes that olives are just a great ingredient in, HIT A SISTER UP! I'm obsessed and I want to keep this going.

I have watched this 200 times// No one else enjoys this as much as me, but this kid looks like he is in 7th Heaven.

Lets Talk Boundaries// This could have been a little extreme, but I think boundaries are extremely important to have in every type of relationship. I think the most respectful thing to give someone is your full attention. So if I am with someone in person, I am not going my phone. Which means I can not answer any type of notification.

In case you did not know I am a fan of bumble *wink wink wink*// But I mean who does not want to creep on a great party!

20% Code// This is great for budget friendly designer stuff as well as reusing fashion!

Favorite Blazer for Work//

Favorite Blogger//  This was such great advice. My mom always told me always ask for forgiveness before permission. which was great growing up! But it is so hard to fall into the trap that "If this happens I can do this' and this is too great for that!

Being Smart// Relationships are tricky, but it is good to know what is okay and not okay.

This Top// For Holiday Parties

Love this// One of my favorite facebook pages.

I do not want to feel like this over the top...// This was so funny though

Oh my gosh this makeup// Seriously such a sucker and can not wait to see their starry night one.

Love this for a holiday gift//

Happy Holiday Season;)// 

How some holiday meetings feel!


Overall such a great week! Everyone rock it out the rest of the week!


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