Monday, December 4, 2017

November Round Up

I am trying to get into a little more ~*lifestyle*~, so here is my monthly recap of November. November was such a fun month. The big highlights were going to friendsgiving! We brought a salad, it was a huge hit;) 
Then the big item for the month was HEADING HOME TO MICHIGAN. On Wednesday my mom held a little cocktail party of her side of the family. It was fun to see everyone and have everyone share their stories from the last time we saw them. That was hands down the most fun and latest night. 

Then one of my favorite things about being at my parents house, is they have pillow top mattresses, with a memory foam topper on their beds. It is hands down the most comfy thing in the world. So that week I got plenty of sleep! 

We woke up and had breakfast together. Then headed to my cousins house to watch the Lions loose (a family tradition). Then after that we headed back to my house to have a small little dinner with my fam. I got pulled into watching Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (I'm not a big movie person, and I would rather have chatted with my fam than just sit in the same room as them) 

Then for Friday, I could not sucker anyone to hang out with me except my brother (And bae) so we all headed down to Campus Martius in Detroit to check out the big tree and to go ice skating (Also snag a brew). 

This was the highlight of the week. Seriously, we had so much fun. We were probably the oldest people there, but it was a great time. The weather was great and I was actually HOT ice skating in MICHIGAN. 

So after that we visited my Dad's side of the fam then headed back to see A's fam! There was a lot a lot of family! With A's fam we cut down a real live tree! We went to a tree farm, which I have never been to one, cut it down, and then BAM! We had a Christmas tree! 

We wrapped up the Michigan trip and headed back to Des Moines. When I got back, I had a meet and greet at Gordmans which was so fun!

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