Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jord Wood Watch For The Holiday


As we all know, the year is slowly but surely wrapping up. 2017 was hands down wild from start to finish. It made up for how crazy 2016 was for sure! So this post is here to talk about two things the quote on the back of my Jord Wood Watch that I wear almost everyday, and then things that had to change this year. 

So I love my Jord Wood Watch. I work with wood products almost on the daily is it’s always a little reminder of that. Due to the fact that this watch is a wood watch. Which I love how crisp and durable the watch it. Plus it is green which reminds me of my alma mater. Two very big chapters of my life!

Then on the back of the watch I got it engraved with the quote, “nothing changes if nothing changes” which was something I really had to take to heart this year. I knew I could not have another year like 2016 ever again, so there had to be some big changes taking place.  

That is what I love about the Jord Wood Watches is you can always have a little note with you. Which is why it also would make the sweetest gift. (I mean my military boss has one so you know it’s a manly man’s watch also;) ) 

Any sort of basic jewelry that you can wear everyday is perfect for a little reminder throughout the day. 

So speaking of this quote that I really to to heart this year, these are the things that changed this year and what I accomplished because of it! Also do you know how hard it is to brag about yourself? So hard. It is hard to talk about yourself. 

1. I never have a “resolution” for the year but I always have a “focus” word for the year. That is so when I am faced with the fork in the road, I can go back to that word and reach that goal. For 2017 that word was “be bold”. Which was more, if you want it go for it. This really helped get me out of my shell and grow goals that I had been wanting to achieve. 

2. I started a new job! I moved from Michigan to Iowa and took on a new roll I would have never in a million years thought I would be in Iowa, but I loved every minute of it. 

3. I made my blog public! And it grew to be twice the size, AND we started a YouTube channel. I remember this one night in January, (A very big turning point for the year) in fact it was January 10th. I called my mother, and I was like should I talk about my blog to people or should I still keep it hidden. My mah said, "Don't you think if you are going to continue to do this, now would be the time to tell people about it" and so there we were. We made the blog public! Something also started on January 10th. 

4. Something starting with Tuesday and Trivia and ending with new bae. Is that an achievement? I have no idea, but it was probably one of my favorite days from this past year, so I added it to the list.

5. I went to Houston to help my company out after the hurricane. It was crazy to see how much people were effected by the aftermath. I have never been near a natural disaster, so this was extremely eye opening to see first hand. 

Overall, I love having my Jord Watch as a little reminder of what happened this year! You can get your own with a 25% discount here.


  1. Lovely outfit.. the dress is really pretty. And a watch always makes a great gift xxxx

    1. Got to love a pop of red for the holidays! Have a great week!

  2. I keep seeing these watches everywhere and they really are stunning

    1. I love the wood! It can easily be made super casual or more fancy!


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