Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gal Gift Guide

Gifts for your gal pals! If you saw my last post, gals are a lot easier to buy for than a significant other. I also posted some extra options at different price points. So lets just dive right into this. 

Mule Cups// I got mason jar cups for my birthday and that was AMAZING! So some good cup ware you can not go wrong with it. 

Necklace// I linked both bold jewelry and dainty jewelry depending on what the person's preference is. I love a good bold necklace, but I always find myself always wearing something dainty. 

Eye Palette// Good quality make up is the best. Everyone hates buying it but it is so great to get. Tarte is a good go to if you do not know what the person wears, PLUS you can never go wrong with an urban decay naked palette. 

Instax// This was hands down the best gift I have ever gotten. I knew I wanted one, but I also knew I would never buy one for myself. It is so fun to have the stuff print off instantly. 

Cozy PJs// Christmas means PJs. My friends were joking that the only thing I would ever want to do is hang out in my PJs all day, have someone make my food for me, and never leave unless I am taking blog photos. That was over dramatic, but I am guilty of wanting to stay in my PJs all the time, so you have to make them cute! 

Bag// This is something I hate buy for myself, but is a good gift to give. You have to be in tune with the person's style, but everyone could use another going out bag. 

1/4 Zip// These were the best invention ever. They are so comfy, its like wearing a sweatshirt, but it looks nice on everyone. I don't have a good reason for this one other than everyone wants one. (Trust me, I'm a blogger)

Flannel// I got this one year for Christmas and I probably wear it every other week at work. Plus its like wearing PJs that are acceptable.  (It took me a solid 8 minutes to find the correct spelling of acceptable)

Blazer// Perfect for your young professional gal pals!

Lilly Pulitzer// There are plenty of things from every price point that will be a good gift. I am all color all the time and my sister is all dark and stormy colors and we both love anything from the trinkets to the clothes of this brand. (Just make sure the gal is a little more on the preppy side)

Boots// My brother and my mom usually get me boots every year and it is hands down the gift that keeps on giving.  You can wear them the rest of the season, and then back again in the fall! 


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