Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fall into Place

Happy December! Just Around The Neighborhood has a big surprise coming up this this month! But before winter hits, I thought I would show my favorite fall sweater. I love a good sweater. I am kind of what I would classify as "a high strung lazy person" so I like to look put together, but I do not actually like to put for the effort to look over the top nice. 

That is why I love sweaters. It is practically wearing a sweatshirt! So Jcrew has this one about 5 holiday seasons ago, and I fell in love with it. Actually I brought home a catalog, and my mom saw it. She was said "This sweater is YOU". and I have not been able to get rid of it since.

I always wear this around the holiday season, and trust me this sweater has gone through many a Mario cart  tournaments. 



  1. Beautiful photos and outfit. I love the background :)
    Ejnets in Peru | instagram: EJNETS

  2. Love this look! It's bold but cute. White pants after Labor Day, huh? ;)

  3. I love sweaters they are the most comfortable clothing's to wear on cold season. I love the design of your sweater feels like Christmas.

  4. That sweater looks really good on you 😍 all those Christmas sweaters look so comfy ❤️


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