Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bad Planning- Amazon Prime is here to help

The Amazon Prime gift guide- So the number one thing to do if you are on a time crunch is GO TO THE MALL. But I understand that you might be in an area that it will just not work, or you might work a 12 hour day, or you might be taking an evening MBA class tomorrow, and catching a flight early in the morning. It. Happens. We get it.

So let me tell you Amazon Prime saved my life this holiday season. Number 1 traveling with presents is horrible.  To just have everything in the same place is amazing. Also it saves so much time from going to the mall!

Robe// I could live in this. 

Men's Robe// PJs are perfect for Christmas.

Eye Palette// There is nothing practical about this, other than it is so fun. 

Beer Brewing// For the guy that needs a fun hobby.

 Pinnapple Cup//  This is for your trendy friend. 

Heated Blanket// This is a life saver for a midwest winter!

Hostess Gift// Who can't use some more glassware? No one that is who.

Makeup Brushes// These stink to buy, these are a great gift for your gal pal. 

Star Wars Waffle Maker// for all of the nerds in your life;)

Jewelry Organization// Get that then run to Nordstrom and pick up a necklace or this

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  1. I am obsessed with the Death Star waffle maker!!! I have so many friends who love Star Wars.


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