Monday, November 27, 2017

Welcome Friends!

Hey what is up hello, my sweet friends! So I see there has been a handful of new faces on the blog, so I want to say WELCOME! As well as get into the gal behind the blog (me). So lets do this!

I am a blogger by night, but in business sales during the day. My blog is my passion, and career is my little adventure. I am an over the top enthusiastic ENFJ on the meyers briggs  test. The spark notes of that is I am overly passionate and I see things in black and white. No such thing as a grey area!! Also I am barely an extrovert. The break down of the categories, I think enthusiasm is the only thing that keeps me there. 

I will say I am extremely extroverted with loved ones and once you are in my circle, you are NEVER getting out. (over dramatic). However with acquaintances, I get so drained so fast that I think that is why I am on the line for being an extrovert. 

As far as what I did last week, I headed to Michigan where my big crazy family lives. I have a family that is comparable to my big fat Greek wedding, Irish Catholic version. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday because that is the first time I get to see my cousins since the summer and everyone comes together and hangs out. 

Lastly, why did I even start blogging in the first place?! That is a good question. I always loved magazines growing up. Because I was too old for the whole Youtube thing. And then when blogging boomed (2013 was my favorite year) It was like this online magazine anyone could do. Which everyone does say I am the human equivalent of a magazine tip. 

Plus I wanted to get into graphic design and more into writing, so this blog helps so much with that! Overall I am just a gal who loves fashion, writing, and documenting everything in between! I am just a gal with a tiny blog pretending that I am a Carrie Bradshaw. Which for my sex and the city character I think I would be a hybrid between Carrie for the reasons of loving my career, making a mountain out of a mole hill, and my love for fashion. And a Charlotte for her fashion sense, her delusional fairy tale life, and  someone that loves love. Thank you all for following along! 



  1. I love that vest! What brand is it? Also, I'm a TOTAL ENFJ too! Don't think I've ever met someone with my exact MB profile. :-)

    1. It is from Old Navy! And too funny! I think ENFJ is the rarest one!

  2. I love that blogging has become the easiest access to magazines! I hated spending lots of money on a magazine just to let them sit after looking at them. Between blogs and pinterest- we are saving the planet one tree at a time ;) Seriously love your Hunters!

    1. Haha I like to think we are saving the environment too;)

  3. Loved learning all these facts bout you!


  4. I love my pair of Hunter boots. They're amazing quality!

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