Saturday, November 11, 2017

Weekly Round Up

Do you ever think you have it figured out and life is all like "You can plan everything and anything, but you do not have it together." So funny story. I literally thought I had chicken pocks this week. And guess what it was. Poison Ivy. Which I am grateful for, but all of the urgent cares in towns were booked all day. (When you work in a small town not surprising.) So it felt like I had to go across the state to get this figured out. 

So now that I have overshared, you think you have it together. Then life sends you a handful of curve balls. No matter how hard you try, or how hard you work. Things can still not go according to plan. So other than that little mishap. The week was extremely relaxing. Anyways here are a couple of fun things that went on this week. 

It is taking every ounce of will power NOT to buy this// Seriously, I love this so much. I am not a handbag girl by any means. The most I have ever spent on an hand bag is probably 20 dollars. However, this is TO. DIE. FOR. I am also a little bias because it is my favorite painting for so many reason. Number one reason is museum dedicated to this painting. 

You have to be under a rock to not know// We can actually eat at breakfast at Tif's! 

Dress//  Is my favorite song by tay. (Also new years day, also that is my second favorite holiday) I am the worst millennial I have no clue how to digitally buy her album. This song reminds me of remix to ignition in a way. Also this article was funny.

Can't Stop Won't Stop//  I can not stop wearing cute riding boots. These go with everything. 

This Tweet// My pinterest is useless for dinner recipes, but I am always updating the outfit section. 

This Dress//  I was told I could not wear lace anymore. (Because half of my closet is lace or bell sleeves or a mix of both.) I can not get this dress, BUT it is perfect for the holiday season. (Hello winter formal?)

Where are they now//  I thought this was cute, I guess everyone has to go. 

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