Wednesday, November 8, 2017

October Favorites

A sneak peak at October favorites. October was a full month starting in Houston, Texas (which feels like years ago). There was a stop at twin cities (stopped at mall of America.) then ended the month with. Halloween celebration and relaxing at home. This is a sneak peak of everything that got me through the month. 

Face wash// This is my new favorite face wash, this was sent to me and it basically changed my life. Well dramatic, but it clears my skin. It is nice because when you first start using it, you can tell it works all day plus it smells soooo sweet. 

Dry Shampoo// Dry Shampoo is my best friend. I have super oily hair and I do not want to take two showers a day. Dry shampoo is there to help! Sometimes I will even use it after I do my hair (rarely) to hold it. Similar to a texure spray. (But even a texture spray can be too harsh on my thin hair)

Booties// These are the best part of fall hands down. They make almost every outfit comfy and put together. I am loving these black ones because with stockings it makes your legs look so long!

Pixie Pants// Thank you Old Navy for the most comfy Dress pants for work. These are seriously amazing. They never over stretch and go with everything!

Mascara// For me mascara is mascara. I can layer more and more, but really with minimal results. UNTIL this mascara. It does have mini fibers in it to really give it that fan look. I makes them look like my high school spider eyes dream. (Low key love that look) 

Blush// My friends and I were having an argument if guys even noticed your makeup. One girl said "I can change my eye shadow to one shade darker and my boyfriend notices". (Which I though was hilarious) Which they totally do. I always wear bronzer as blush, but I wanted to mix it up, so I got this set. People were acting like I got plastic surgery. (Kidding) But I did get a lot of comments about the change.

Would love to hear what got you through the month!

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