Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to Stay Sane With Long Term Travel

I was recently talking with a friend and I go, "It is so weird, it only happens when I am out of town. It is like the universe knows" 

Her reply was, "Bridgette, you are always out of town. That is not fate." It was so honestly true. 

The past two years has been about a quarter of my year not in my home. My parents are constantly joking that I can not just live in a hotel. Which does not sound half that bad. The first year traveling was great. It was fun experiencing new things. The second year however, was not my favorite. It was a little too wild a little too fast. All of my traveling disasters has happened in the past year. From missing a flight, to last minute trips, or even a 15 hour drive in 15 hours. 

Sometimes it has to be done though, and here are my tips to stay sane when you have to travel, or when traveling on the regular becomes the norm. 

1. So not glamorous, but make sure you are still taking care of yourself. Take the time to workout and eat right.

2. Make a million phone calls to your friends and family. I talk to my fam way more when I'm away. You get the social in, and stay up to date on everyone's life even a million miles away.

 3. I am all about NOT going to chain restaurants and try out all the local favorites. But sometimes if you are home sick, but going to a chiles and knowing what you will be getting is so simplistic. (Don't tell people I go to chilies)

4. Don't forget to pack athleisure clothing. You will have downtime, but make sure you can feel at home and comfy. It does take up suitcase space but worth it.

5. Make yourself an away routine to follow. This will make your days at least seam  "normal"


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