Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to Guide: Finding Your Significant Other A Gift

This can also be called a guys gift guide, but I will also put a step by step guide on finding your significant other a gift. This step by step guide can be used for male or female. 

So number one your have to ask everyone you know. Ask your gal pals what they have gotten in the past. Ask your guy friends what they would want. Ask your close friends and family. Get so many ideas that it is counterintuitive, and be so overwhelmed by the many choices that you are back to square one. (You might come up with one idea or two here) 

Step two, take the one advice your random acquaintance that you never actually talk to, but were bored one day so you started asking your go to questions. GOOGLE what to get your significant other. See all the cool ideas, realize your significant has everything, add a couple of things to your basket for yourself, and wait by the door for all of your online purchases to arrive. 

Step 3, Now that you have memory foam slippers, ask your significant other to come hang out. Discreetly ask what you should get your brother for Christmas. When you significant other gives you ideas, ask them "Would you want that". He will say no. Now that you have beaten around the bush for the past month, bluntly ask him what he wants for Christmas. This guy has everything in the world, so he will say "You know what I like".

Step 4, finish hanging out with your significant other and have a nice time. When that hang out is over and you rush him out the door, have a Christmas break down. This should be less than 5 minutes because more than that is dramatic.

Step 5, Pour yourself a glass of wine or coffee if it is before 5pm. (We are functioning at Just Around the Neighborhood.)

Step 6, read this guy gift guide! Buy the gift, and you are ready to roll.

But really you have to know your guys (your dad, your brother, your significant other) They all want different things so listening is your best quality this holiday season. 

Flannel// This one is a) comfy for him and b) cozy for you to look at. It is a win win. Plus flannels are my favorite thing to wear for my business casual day. (It is basically wearing PJs) He will appreciate that as well. 

Patagonia// 1/4 zips are the best. It is great a cozy gift!

A Watch With Reason// So I loveeeee a Shinola watch. It is near and dear to my heart because it is from Detroit. I can spot a Shinola watch from a mile a way, and it is so fun talking to people who love the brand too. Even in downtown Detroit there are Shinola street clocks on ever corner! Sure I love some other watch brands (Get 25% off a Jord watch with the code Bridgettemack) But Shinola is near and dear to my heart, and I'm sure you can find an amazing brand for bae too!

Luggage// Perfect for the traveler bae! Plus who could not use the perfect luggage!?

Beer Cap// This is so fun if you are all into the beer life. It is fun to see the different beers you have had from different states.

Everyone have a great holiday!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Welcome Friends!

Hey what is up hello, my sweet friends! So I see there has been a handful of new faces on the blog, so I want to say WELCOME! As well as get into the gal behind the blog (me). So lets do this!

I am a blogger by night, but in business sales during the day. My blog is my passion, and career is my little adventure. I am an over the top enthusiastic ENFJ on the meyers briggs  test. The spark notes of that is I am overly passionate and I see things in black and white. No such thing as a grey area!! Also I am barely an extrovert. The break down of the categories, I think enthusiasm is the only thing that keeps me there. 

I will say I am extremely extroverted with loved ones and once you are in my circle, you are NEVER getting out. (over dramatic). However with acquaintances, I get so drained so fast that I think that is why I am on the line for being an extrovert. 

As far as what I did last week, I headed to Michigan where my big crazy family lives. I have a family that is comparable to my big fat Greek wedding, Irish Catholic version. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday because that is the first time I get to see my cousins since the summer and everyone comes together and hangs out. 

Lastly, why did I even start blogging in the first place?! That is a good question. I always loved magazines growing up. Because I was too old for the whole Youtube thing. And then when blogging boomed (2013 was my favorite year) It was like this online magazine anyone could do. Which everyone does say I am the human equivalent of a magazine tip. 

Plus I wanted to get into graphic design and more into writing, so this blog helps so much with that! Overall I am just a gal who loves fashion, writing, and documenting everything in between! I am just a gal with a tiny blog pretending that I am a Carrie Bradshaw. Which for my sex and the city character I think I would be a hybrid between Carrie for the reasons of loving my career, making a mountain out of a mole hill, and my love for fashion. And a Charlotte for her fashion sense, her delusional fairy tale life, and  someone that loves love. Thank you all for following along! 


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Meet, Mingle, & Give- Gordmans' Waterloo

Hey crew! I hope everyone is having a great holiday, filled with family and friends and loved ones! I know that I had a ton of food, and lots of sleep (praise hands emoji). That being said, this gal did nawt get all of her Christmas shopping done. (I did get a thing or two from cyber Saturday shopping for myself) That being said, I know I always need 50 opinions to help with finding the perfect gift! (Why are significant others so hard to shop for)

So I am here to help! Just Around The Neighborhood will be partnering with Gordmans' in Waterloo, Iowa for a their give back Tuesday! Proceeds from your shopping trip will be donated to the boys and girls club! 

Plus! I will be there to help you out along the way! Come to the meet and we can hang from 5 to 7 this Tuesday! Can’t wait to see everyone!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November Podcast Club

 We are off the reading train once again. BUT this is my very favorite podcast, and I am so surprised I have not ever written about it on my blog. Serial was the very first podcast that got me hooked (as everyone else), but Heroine was a close second. I do not know how I found it other than I am happy I did.

Well actually it put me on this huge quest for a spirit quest. Beside the point. BUT I also helped me read people a lot better. (There is only one reason you need a spirit quest.) That is what you find out from the podcast. 

Only kidding, but seriously this podcast has a lot of 10/10 women entrepreneurs who have some amazing stories. It is still my very favorite, and you will learn something from every episode.  

I am always looking for podcast recommendations, let me know if there is anything I should be listening to. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Winter Coat Guide

It is cold. That is all I have to say. Here are some winter coats, to not be cold.

Haha just kidding, but seriously I was so anti winter coat if I was just going from my car to the building. It got to the point where I was so miserable being so cold, that I realized if I take the effort to put one on it makes the whole day better. So here are some picks to keep your colder season a little more cozy. 


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Weekly Round Up

Do you ever think you have it figured out and life is all like "You can plan everything and anything, but you do not have it together." So funny story. I literally thought I had chicken pocks this week. And guess what it was. Poison Ivy. Which I am grateful for, but all of the urgent cares in towns were booked all day. (When you work in a small town not surprising.) So it felt like I had to go across the state to get this figured out. 

So now that I have overshared, you think you have it together. Then life sends you a handful of curve balls. No matter how hard you try, or how hard you work. Things can still not go according to plan. So other than that little mishap. The week was extremely relaxing. Anyways here are a couple of fun things that went on this week. 

It is taking every ounce of will power NOT to buy this// Seriously, I love this so much. I am not a handbag girl by any means. The most I have ever spent on an hand bag is probably 20 dollars. However, this is TO. DIE. FOR. I am also a little bias because it is my favorite painting for so many reason. Number one reason is museum dedicated to this painting. 

You have to be under a rock to not know// We can actually eat at breakfast at Tif's! 

Dress//  Is my favorite song by tay. (Also new years day, also that is my second favorite holiday) I am the worst millennial I have no clue how to digitally buy her album. This song reminds me of remix to ignition in a way. Also this article was funny.

Can't Stop Won't Stop//  I can not stop wearing cute riding boots. These go with everything. 

This Tweet// My pinterest is useless for dinner recipes, but I am always updating the outfit section. 

This Dress//  I was told I could not wear lace anymore. (Because half of my closet is lace or bell sleeves or a mix of both.) I can not get this dress, BUT it is perfect for the holiday season. (Hello winter formal?)

Where are they now//  I thought this was cute, I guess everyone has to go. 

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Friday, November 10, 2017

100 Post for the Year!

Hey what is up hello my blog friends. This is the 100th post for the year. How? I do not know? Why are there not any more? Because I am so bad a this thing! So anyways, I will go more into this year at the end of the calendar year. However, this blog year (because that is my thing) has been wild. I thought 22 was wild, but maybe 2017 as a whole was wild. Or maybe from here on out is its all going to be as interesting and wild from here on out. 

From this post// We learned we will never be any less busy than we are now. 

The whole movie mamma mia, why isn't there a Taylor swift musical by now? She has had like 200 song by now. If someone can not make that I do not even believe in the creative process anymore.

Okay, I will shut up because there is some stunning art in this world. BUT a girl wants what a girl wants. And what I want is a revamp of Mamma Mia! Okay now I will really stop, because I have played all of my cards;)

This blog year has been wild. The blog as grown so much this year, and I can not believe how much. Honestly because I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. I write these post at night three times a week in a nostalgic state and it just goes from there. There is something in my soul that calls me to do this. It is like these words on the post just ~*magically*~ appear here. (Also looking at that insta I had no idea how much I actually brought up ABBA I will stop)

I started this blog, because I knew I would never make it in the fashion industry with the resources I had in my had. I had always loved business and that was a great second passion. A passion I could learn from, love and put food on the table. I was never in a position in my early days to take a risk. Everything had to be calculated. 

This was the outlet that would allow me to not have to worry about any of that.  I could use those skills I learned from my business world and use those skills in my little side hustle. 

The blog has brought on so much more than I could ever imagine, and I can not see where it goes from here on out! So lets get into the round up for the blog year.

Collabs// This is one of my favorite things about blogging. I never started blogging for this reason, but I love working with other people and seeing their points of view. These are some of my favorites from this year: This one// Two// Three//

Outfit Post// Again something that I did not think this blog would be about. I love the photo aspect of this blog. And as blogs as a whole photos are such a big part (I love graphic, but trends do what trends do) This was a favorite// And This one

Lifestyle// These are fun for me to look back on. I love the blog in the scrap booking aspect. This birthday post was one of my favorites. I also tried to open up a little more this year with this post.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who reads the blog! It seriously means the world to me!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

October Favorites

A sneak peak at October favorites. October was a full month starting in Houston, Texas (which feels like years ago). There was a stop at twin cities (stopped at mall of America.) then ended the month with. Halloween celebration and relaxing at home. This is a sneak peak of everything that got me through the month. 

Face wash// This is my new favorite face wash, this was sent to me and it basically changed my life. Well dramatic, but it clears my skin. It is nice because when you first start using it, you can tell it works all day plus it smells soooo sweet. 

Dry Shampoo// Dry Shampoo is my best friend. I have super oily hair and I do not want to take two showers a day. Dry shampoo is there to help! Sometimes I will even use it after I do my hair (rarely) to hold it. Similar to a texure spray. (But even a texture spray can be too harsh on my thin hair)

Booties// These are the best part of fall hands down. They make almost every outfit comfy and put together. I am loving these black ones because with stockings it makes your legs look so long!

Pixie Pants// Thank you Old Navy for the most comfy Dress pants for work. These are seriously amazing. They never over stretch and go with everything!

Mascara// For me mascara is mascara. I can layer more and more, but really with minimal results. UNTIL this mascara. It does have mini fibers in it to really give it that fan look. I makes them look like my high school spider eyes dream. (Low key love that look) 

Blush// My friends and I were having an argument if guys even noticed your makeup. One girl said "I can change my eye shadow to one shade darker and my boyfriend notices". (Which I though was hilarious) Which they totally do. I always wear bronzer as blush, but I wanted to mix it up, so I got this set. People were acting like I got plastic surgery. (Kidding) But I did get a lot of comments about the change.

Would love to hear what got you through the month!

How to Stay Sane With Long Term Travel

I was recently talking with a friend and I go, "It is so weird, it only happens when I am out of town. It is like the universe knows" 

Her reply was, "Bridgette, you are always out of town. That is not fate." It was so honestly true. 

The past two years has been about a quarter of my year not in my home. My parents are constantly joking that I can not just live in a hotel. Which does not sound half that bad. The first year traveling was great. It was fun experiencing new things. The second year however, was not my favorite. It was a little too wild a little too fast. All of my traveling disasters has happened in the past year. From missing a flight, to last minute trips, or even a 15 hour drive in 15 hours. 

Sometimes it has to be done though, and here are my tips to stay sane when you have to travel, or when traveling on the regular becomes the norm. 

1. So not glamorous, but make sure you are still taking care of yourself. Take the time to workout and eat right.

2. Make a million phone calls to your friends and family. I talk to my fam way more when I'm away. You get the social in, and stay up to date on everyone's life even a million miles away.

 3. I am all about NOT going to chain restaurants and try out all the local favorites. But sometimes if you are home sick, but going to a chiles and knowing what you will be getting is so simplistic. (Don't tell people I go to chilies)

4. Don't forget to pack athleisure clothing. You will have downtime, but make sure you can feel at home and comfy. It does take up suitcase space but worth it.

5. Make yourself an away routine to follow. This will make your days at least seam  "normal"

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Tote Bags

I feel that the most important piece a young professional can have is a tote to throw everything into. I know a gal who even throws in nonparishable food for when she needs to sneak in a meal. This is a life line for the day to day. I always joke that my tote is a walking office. But honestly a cute tote is great for holding snacks, having your planner on hand, or a hand full of business cards for any opportunity that can arise. Here are some of my favorites for fall. 


Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Round Up

 This week's main focus has been on work and budgeting. Any time I want my life to be a little more fun, I have to make my budget a little stricter to compensate. You can not have your cake and eat it too;) (Which also that saying makes no sense.) What the saying SHOULD BE is. You have to work to make your cake great to eat it. I do not know that is still a work and progress. Anyways, this week has been filled with way too much Halooween candy so maybe next week's focus will be health;) Here is the round up for the week!

Millennial Talk: This article is so funny, yet so true. Millennials do not find pay a touchy subject what so ever.

This top// I may or may not have worn this twice in one week. (I did) 

Reese Said It Best// This was too great, plus there are a couple of Elle Woods references. 

Best Cold Weather Jacket// If you live in the midwest, you understand how important it is to have a great winter jacket. 

This// I have seen so many young people (I am a young person, so read peers) go down this rabbit hole. In school they teach you math and literature, but rarely do they teach what a healthy relationship is. You know physical and verbal abuse is not okay, but rarely is emotional abuse discussed. This was great. 

Tarte Blush// Tarte's blushes are my hands down favorite, this color is perfect. 

Amazon Finds:


Thursday, November 2, 2017

GreekU COO Interview

Hey what is up, hello crew. So here we are in my favorite business attire and a fun little interview with the COO Of GreekU! Lory Passov gives her little inside scoop on what it is like to be an entrepreneur.  I'm not going to write too much because the interview talks for itself, so here we go! 
Can you tell me a little about how you wound up a COO at GreekU? Do you think being a Psychology major helped you down that path?
Graduating with a psychology degree, and not quite ready for grad school, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do next.  I liked psychology, but I wasn’t certain I wanted to pursue it as a career.  A couple years before I graduated my brother had started a business creating unique clothing for sororities and fraternities, and at this time his business was doing pretty well.  I slowly started to help him out with his customer load.  It was a lot of talking on the phone, and helping customers design a shirt they and their entire organization would love.  Having experience working customer service at Nordstrom, and with my psychology degree, I quickly got used to and enjoyed helping customers on the phone.  I’ve also always loved clothes, so doing something in the fashion industry was something I was very happy about :).  


What does a typical work day look like for you?
Each work day is a little different here at Greek U, and it really matters the time of year since the business is seasonal.  I tend to work on planning meetings, help the team with goal setting, and have my hand in several projects we are working on at the time.  After reading a wonderful book called Traction, I really mastered how to plan out our business, and help enable our employees to achieve the goals they set forth, that align with the company's direction.  

What is the coolest experience your career has given you?
I think my favorite thing about being a business owner is the constant need to adapt and learn.  Being a person who doesn’t always like change, it really pushes me to keep an open mind and keep learning.  In the digital marketing/ecommerce world, everything changes so quickly!  You really have to not only keep up, but try to keep ahead.  Several years ago our business was completely different from what it is now.  We used to spend much of our days talking on the phone, and emailing, but we eventually found that our customers no longer wanted to do business like this.  So we built an amazingly comprehensive website, where you can fully customize your order online and get all the information you need right in front of you. We still talk on the phone sometime, and email of course, but only when they customer needs us.  

What would you say Greek U's mission is?
Our team and customers are the most important aspects of Greek U.  We strive to offer the best & easiest online ordering process while we are here to help assist customers create something they love for themselves or their Greek family.  All our products are made to order specifically for each customer. We aim to offer a fully customized experience for the 100+ organizations we hold a license for.  

What is next for Greek U?
We have a new website coming late 2017 which we are extremely excited about.  We spent several months getting feedback from our customers about what they love, and what is missing from our current site.  We have been working this year on implementing all this feedback for the new site, and we can’t wait for it to launch! We just started working on a Greek U Sweetheart Influencer program, and are super excited for it to launch this month.  We have so many great customers, and we want to build better relationships with them & give them some free gifts too, hehe.  We also are working on some adorable new designs for all the sororities we are licensed for, as well as some brand new items for the holidays

What are the best and worst parts of your job?
I love managing a team, and accomplishing all of our goals.   We do a lot of fun events around here!  We basically earn points every week when we get all our goals accomplished.  Then, we cash in the points for fun activities. We have done all sorts of things from baseball and hockey games, getting pampered with massages and manicures, to getting sweet treats delivered to the office.  Also, the free clothing samples are always a fun perk too. I would have to say the hardest part of the job is when things are out of our control.  Once in awhile something could be wrong with the website, or a customer's order gets lost by UPS.  But you just learn you have to do everything you can to help the situation. When a large order got lost in transit, and the event was days away, we re-made the entire order and shipped it overnight. Although it wasn’t our fault, we want to make sure the customer has what they need, and are completely happy :).

What is the best advice you can give to any aspiring young professional?

I would say that work isn’t easy, and you will always be learning new things if you want to be successful.  Try to be patient and keep an open mind.  As time goes on you will get the hang of it all. And if you keep learning and working on new things you won’t get bored.  You definitely want to be challenged, and to keep growing.   

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