Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Round Up: October 14

I never do these so here is a little tidbit on what is going on in my life. I am back into normal life. I have finally caught up on sleep. I am way way way behind on blog stuff, which is fine. BUT I am really missing it. If you want to stay up to date with me my instagram is the most updated. So you can always keep up with me there. 

As for being back for an extended period of time (Yes, I even turned down a trip I am that burnt out) ((Also every time I say this I end up in texas)) I need to get back into fitness and meal prepping. My goal this year was to get to the point where I was cooking everything even snacks because I would know everything that was put into my food. And I was doing great I got to the point where I was cooking all three meals a day. (not snacks just yet). Then life happened, and I realized how easy it was to buy all frozen meals. So I am still working on it, we are all human here. 

As for everything else, I have no clue where this post is going. I am excited for fall, not so much cold weather. I am hoping to make it to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. I want to use my instax camera more. I do not know what it is about this camera, but it really captures people's true essence. Here is my fun round out from the week! (Hope that was not too scattered) 

Rocksbox// This is a subscription box that allows you to get three pieces of designer jewelry for about 25 dollars a month! I got mostly Kendra Scott items because I love her stuff, but there are also some other great designers. You  take a quiz at the  beginning plus you have a wishlist that you can constantly update! Get your first month free with my code: BRIDGETTEBFF2 << This code because I already know we are bffs!

Baby Otter// I have been told my spirit animal is an otter. Which I totally believe because otters hold their loved one's hands all night so they don't drift off, and my equivalent to that is forcing all my friends and family to constantly stay up to date with me;) Jokes aside this baby otter is adorable. 

Fall Blazer//  Fall blazers are hands down my favorite. I kind of low key hate linen blazers. (I mean if someone wanted to give me 4 I would take them), but they are so uncomfortable and pretty high maintenance. Fall blazers give you no trouble, plus this one is amazing. (I own two in different colors).

Halloween// Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday. It is kind of creepy and I (no shame) get spooked easily. Plus I am horrible at costumes. I am like Jim Halpert times 100. My costumes are extremely lame. BUT what I do like is a good get together, and good get togethers mean cocktails. Here are some cute ones for Halloween or fall.

Blogs// Some of my favorite youtubers are getting blogs. (Some are eh and some are AHMAZING) This one is great. Sarah has a great pinterest, blog, and Youtube Channel. She hands down single handedly got me hooked into the Youtube black hole life.

Love these colors// Too Face Makeup is THIRTY PERCENT OFF! I find makeup sooooo hard to find on sale, but check out the website and get 30 off! 


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