Monday, October 2, 2017

September Favorites 2017

Hello my sweet friends. So I am out of the loop. Long story short (we will get into this later) I am in Houston, Texas right now, and blogging has been on the back burner! ( I know I suck!)

That is not what this blog post is about. What his blog post is about September!!  September started in Seattle and Ended in Houston. September was full of bummed out travel plans trying to get back home a failing miserably. (Mostly because of natural disasters and not trying to get in the way of actual emergencies) 

So what happened in between? I went indoor skydiving! Which I LOVED! BUT found out I never want to go actual sky diving ever. (I am so scared of heights). I got to see my family in Chicago! Which we had this full to-do list and we just ended up sipping on cocktails by the pool all day which was good in my book.

Then I turned 23! Which everyone made my birthday so so special. As far as fall weather that was suppose to come in with September, I flew to Texas and now I understand why people actually want fall to come. Houston weather is crazy hot! I would be wishing for cooler weather too. I think it has been 90 degrees every single day. 

Anyways here is my favorites from the month!
 tea tree shampoo: this shampoo was AMAZING! It was sent to me and I didn't know what to expect, BUT let me tell you! It is my favorite scent lavender AND rosemary which is hard to come by. My aunt growing up always used to joke that I would hang out in the bathroom sniffing the soap. (Which let's be real it's a great sent and to this day reminds me of California) And it strips my hair of all the buildup and gives me a natural shine. I was just recently talking about how I can't find a shampoo that does this AND I FOUND ONE!!!

Instax: this was a gift from someone special and this was honestly on my ultimate dream gift list. I love this I carry it around with me everywhere hopping I can snap something special. 

Summer to fall shoes: where I have been there has been NO tradition. Which is fine, but I'm not wearing a sweater any time soon. I love a good open toe suede shoe for this transition period.

Natural Deodorant: So I love the idea of an all natural, no aluminum deo. However I have not found one that really works. Honestly it feels like it would be better to go without anything that wear some of these. I also heard it takes time your body to get used to it. However I feel everything fading every 3 hours. HELP! I want to use this because aluminum build up in your body can be so bad, but I need a product that works! (Maybe I will try the tarte next)

DO NOT GET THIS:  There is no reason what so ever to put deodorant in a SCOOPED OUT POT. I think the reason I am most mad, is because I ordered the stick deo and they sent me the little pop. 

Capture your Style: If you really know anything about social media this can be slow paced, but I found her photo tips were really interesting. Also how interesting of a book totally dedicated to social media.


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