Monday, October 30, 2017

Cozy Up the Apartment For Fall

Fall is here and that means trips to the pumpkin patch, gallivanting around town in booties, taking a trip to pick some apples, and my favorite cozying up with a cup of coffee on a rainy morning. That is where Crane & Canopy is here to help! 

These are some of my favorite tips for keeping a cozy home always a reality. Which lets be real some Sundays I do not even want to leave my warm apartment and leave my matching PJ set. 

1. Layer up your bed. My favorite thing is a bed with clean sheets, so adding a ton of lays and a comfy duvet is my favorite move. 

2. I love a good cup of coffee, and what better way to cozy up with a cute mug. 

3. Throws on throws on throws. I to hid throw blankets all around my apartment so I can grab one at any moment (break glass in case of an emergency). 

4. I love that quote "I keep adding decorative pillows around my apartment and seeing them add up until my Significant other questions it. I'm up to 27" But really it is a simple way to add some color and some layer to your apartment.

5. Lastly, how could you not relax without Lavender. These Lavender pillows are the perfect way to meditate and relax. 

Blanket Sweater// Cozy Sheet Set// Scallop Sheets// Throw Pillow// Lavender Pillow// Antler Mug// Cable Knit Throw//

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Amazon Finds

Marble Mug//  How much better could your morning coffee get? Drinking it out of a cute mug. I am a sucker for mugs (mostly because I lose them all the time), so I am always on the lookout for one. This was such a fun one. 

 Gym Bag// I love working out, but I also love eating. This gym bag is too good. 

Desk Decor// Rose gold is hands down my favorite for decor. 

 Wall Clock// I have been all about wall art lately. Plus this is so sleek and cute. 

Post Cards// This is perfect for go to notes. I am the biggest color fan, and I think the psychology of color is so interesting. This was a no brainer go to.

Waffle Iron// Brunch has been the biggest go to on Sundays recently. I am trying to get more into making it (takeout has been way to easy, yet costly) This waffle iron is too cute. 

Garment Rack// Have I mentioned that I am horrible at keeping life organized? I found this is perfect to put my daily work outfits on. Which, is the thing that takes me the longest to find in the mornings. 

Steamer// I HATE ironing. It is not the fact that I do not like to actually iron, but the fact that it takes so much concentration not to wrinkle the other parts of you garment is annoying. This steamer is too easy to use. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October Book Club

The Way She Wears It: Is the book club book of the month! Okay so this is more of a coffee table book, but it looks like a bunch of blog post thrown into book. The pages are so pretty, and the doodles are my favorite. This is a light read, but it is fun to just take in and see some behind the scenes in the fashion world. I know not much better from podcast, but it is a fun read!


Monday, October 23, 2017

American Girl

So Hey hey! I am getting back to outfit post! Because I have been so behind, mainly because life has been so chaotic lately! Last week I was trying to catch up on life, and this week I am trying to go above and beyond to feel less stressed and more put together. 

Which! I just got a new robot vacuum and it is the best thing since sliced bread. Because I could have gotten a normal vacuum, but lets be real I would not get all the nooks and crannies without this! So it is great, the robots name is bob, and he is helping me get my life together. (Now if only there were a robot for window sills!) 

 ANYWAY! Back to the reason anyone even reads the blog THE OUTFITS! This is my favorite sweater ever. It is one of those light sweaters, where if you live in the midwest you can wear year round! 

Plus these boots are amazing! I love them for fall or really as long as the weather will let me wear them! Plus they have a heal, but are actually really easy to wear. 


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Everything You need to know about staying in a hostel

I was so hesitant to write a post about this because I thought everyone had been to a hostel. Little did I know there is such a stigma with them! I mean there is a movie or two that give off a horror story, and I'm sure your parents would cringe if you told them you would live in one for a month. However hostels are not the end of the world they are a great way to travel on a dime and here are some other great things to know when traveling abroad. 

1. I would highly recommend using Hostelworld. It is like yelp for hostels, and you can see everything and anything that is good and bad about the hostel. 

2. On to the real tips: almost 99.9% of the time you will be with younger people. Most of the people are still in college or just out of college. I went to 15 hostels 1 had high schoolers. 1 had someone (who was a doctor) and she was the oldest being 29. 

3. If you want to talk to people there is plenty of opportunity, but if you want to be alone no worries.  People are extremely respectful and friendly.

4. The hostels are actually really clean, but I would also bring shower shoes. 

5. You do share a room with people, but honestly you will only be in the room to sleep (if you do it right) You will also have plenty of your own space.

6. Safety: So I am a gal who is terrified of the dark, and if I see my own shadow I jump. I get scared in my own apartment at least once a week. That being said, I was never scared in a hostel. Ever. Which is extremely surprising. I did make sure not to travel at night, and be careful to only go to dinner a half a mile from where I was staying. Overall, they are pretty safe. 

7. Your stuff: So I went for two months, and brought a carry on. Everything I brought was able to fit in a locker. Which most places supply. I would not bring a crazy camera or laptop though. 

Overall Hostels are a great way to travel if you do not plan on not being in there for a long period. They are low prices, and a great place to crash!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Boot Guide

Hey Hey All! My favorite thing about fall would hands down have to be that it is boot season! (Also leggings and flannels) but boots make it so easy to look put together, yet they are also warm and comfy. Which I am getting back into the season where I am constantly cold, so I can take ever bit of warmth I can take. 

Here were some of my favorite picks for the season. I love pairing any of these with a vest and a good tartan button down! 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Round Up: October 14

I never do these so here is a little tidbit on what is going on in my life. I am back into normal life. I have finally caught up on sleep. I am way way way behind on blog stuff, which is fine. BUT I am really missing it. If you want to stay up to date with me my instagram is the most updated. So you can always keep up with me there. 

As for being back for an extended period of time (Yes, I even turned down a trip I am that burnt out) ((Also every time I say this I end up in texas)) I need to get back into fitness and meal prepping. My goal this year was to get to the point where I was cooking everything even snacks because I would know everything that was put into my food. And I was doing great I got to the point where I was cooking all three meals a day. (not snacks just yet). Then life happened, and I realized how easy it was to buy all frozen meals. So I am still working on it, we are all human here. 

As for everything else, I have no clue where this post is going. I am excited for fall, not so much cold weather. I am hoping to make it to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. I want to use my instax camera more. I do not know what it is about this camera, but it really captures people's true essence. Here is my fun round out from the week! (Hope that was not too scattered) 

Rocksbox// This is a subscription box that allows you to get three pieces of designer jewelry for about 25 dollars a month! I got mostly Kendra Scott items because I love her stuff, but there are also some other great designers. You  take a quiz at the  beginning plus you have a wishlist that you can constantly update! Get your first month free with my code: BRIDGETTEBFF2 << This code because I already know we are bffs!

Baby Otter// I have been told my spirit animal is an otter. Which I totally believe because otters hold their loved one's hands all night so they don't drift off, and my equivalent to that is forcing all my friends and family to constantly stay up to date with me;) Jokes aside this baby otter is adorable. 

Fall Blazer//  Fall blazers are hands down my favorite. I kind of low key hate linen blazers. (I mean if someone wanted to give me 4 I would take them), but they are so uncomfortable and pretty high maintenance. Fall blazers give you no trouble, plus this one is amazing. (I own two in different colors).

Halloween// Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday. It is kind of creepy and I (no shame) get spooked easily. Plus I am horrible at costumes. I am like Jim Halpert times 100. My costumes are extremely lame. BUT what I do like is a good get together, and good get togethers mean cocktails. Here are some cute ones for Halloween or fall.

Blogs// Some of my favorite youtubers are getting blogs. (Some are eh and some are AHMAZING) This one is great. Sarah has a great pinterest, blog, and Youtube Channel. She hands down single handedly got me hooked into the Youtube black hole life.

Love these colors// Too Face Makeup is THIRTY PERCENT OFF! I find makeup sooooo hard to find on sale, but check out the website and get 30 off! 


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall 2017 Wardrobe

These are my least favorite post to make (because the graphic took a solid hour to put together) ((I promise I didn't even get distracted or ANYTHING)) BUT these are always my most popular post. What can I say, my reader, like me, like high maintenance things.  

So here I put together all the basics you would need for the fall. Which I paired some cozy shirts, that are not too thick. Because let's be real it still can get a little toasty in the afternoon. Then for the outerwear I used layers that you can easily take off. I love a good vest, and this one will actually keep you warm. 

As for bottoms, this is the only season I like jeans. Perfect to add a sweater with. And let's be honest sweaters are the sweatshirts of the work wear. I also had some cute skirts for the days that are a little warmer!

My hands down favorite thing for fall are *drum roll please* BOOTIES! I wear mine with leather leggings and a cute top!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall Wedding Guest Dress Choices

 So you have been to the shower, you were with the bride when she said yes to the dress, popped champagne at the bachelorette party. NOW it is your favorite part! Or just the part you forgot all together! Your dress! 

I love how weddings bring SO MANY people together. You see family friends, family from all over, and friends you haven't seen in years! So you want to look your best!
And I feel like in your mid to late 20s one is happening every other weekend! (But lets be real it can be like your sister high school throwing a prom a month after yours and you still want to creep on how cute everyone looked)

That can mean one bold dress after one bold dress, or if you are like me one classic/modern dress you can wear to ALL of them. Which is the look I went for here. 

I have solid color dress that is A-line, but the asymmetrical hem lines keeps it up to date. Because my arms and back is showing I made sure that the hem line was more modest. Plus the back is so fun for the dance floor. If you aren't for showing arms at the ceremony this can easily be paired with blazer or cardigan.  

Here are some other options that I thought would be great for every price point!


Monday, October 2, 2017

September Favorites 2017

Hello my sweet friends. So I am out of the loop. Long story short (we will get into this later) I am in Houston, Texas right now, and blogging has been on the back burner! ( I know I suck!)

That is not what this blog post is about. What his blog post is about September!!  September started in Seattle and Ended in Houston. September was full of bummed out travel plans trying to get back home a failing miserably. (Mostly because of natural disasters and not trying to get in the way of actual emergencies) 

So what happened in between? I went indoor skydiving! Which I LOVED! BUT found out I never want to go actual sky diving ever. (I am so scared of heights). I got to see my family in Chicago! Which we had this full to-do list and we just ended up sipping on cocktails by the pool all day which was good in my book.

Then I turned 23! Which everyone made my birthday so so special. As far as fall weather that was suppose to come in with September, I flew to Texas and now I understand why people actually want fall to come. Houston weather is crazy hot! I would be wishing for cooler weather too. I think it has been 90 degrees every single day. 

Anyways here is my favorites from the month!
 tea tree shampoo: this shampoo was AMAZING! It was sent to me and I didn't know what to expect, BUT let me tell you! It is my favorite scent lavender AND rosemary which is hard to come by. My aunt growing up always used to joke that I would hang out in the bathroom sniffing the soap. (Which let's be real it's a great sent and to this day reminds me of California) And it strips my hair of all the buildup and gives me a natural shine. I was just recently talking about how I can't find a shampoo that does this AND I FOUND ONE!!!

Instax: this was a gift from someone special and this was honestly on my ultimate dream gift list. I love this I carry it around with me everywhere hopping I can snap something special. 

Summer to fall shoes: where I have been there has been NO tradition. Which is fine, but I'm not wearing a sweater any time soon. I love a good open toe suede shoe for this transition period.

Natural Deodorant: So I love the idea of an all natural, no aluminum deo. However I have not found one that really works. Honestly it feels like it would be better to go without anything that wear some of these. I also heard it takes time your body to get used to it. However I feel everything fading every 3 hours. HELP! I want to use this because aluminum build up in your body can be so bad, but I need a product that works! (Maybe I will try the tarte next)

DO NOT GET THIS:  There is no reason what so ever to put deodorant in a SCOOPED OUT POT. I think the reason I am most mad, is because I ordered the stick deo and they sent me the little pop. 

Capture your Style: If you really know anything about social media this can be slow paced, but I found her photo tips were really interesting. Also how interesting of a book totally dedicated to social media.

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