Sunday, September 10, 2017

White Past Labor Day

White dresses are hands down my favorite. Even walking around in the city (Seattle). A favorite activity of mine is people watching (outfit watching) and my favorite outfits that I always remember is a crisp white dress. 

Also everyone is sooo ready for fall, and to me fall just mean that the midwest winter is coming. I am sucking up every single last day of warm weather that I can get from this Iowan town. 

Not to mention this is my favorite dress ever. I love the bell sleeves and the lace. What more could you ask for in a dress? PLUS labor day is not the end of summer. (I always say my birthday is, but the official day is September 22) So keep on keeping on with the white my friends

Plus I love a good winter white too, so I say there are no white rules what so ever. 
I also feel like a cast member of abba in this dress, so you know it is a perfect one. (I didnt choose the abba aesthetic, the abba aesthetic chose me)



  1. Such a gorgeous dress! I LOVE the intricate lace overlay. I'm always a sucker for something romantic and lacey. :)

    xo, Chloe //

  2. Love the dress, I have something very similar. I don't think the no white after labor day rule apples any more :)

  3. Gorgeous look, keep rocking it!

  4. I love this dress so much! And good for you, for not following the rule... who made it a rule in the first place??!!! Lol


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