Thursday, September 14, 2017

Seattle Trip Guide

We lucked out and got 6am flights! That meant we had a 4am wake up call (upside down smiley) So we get to the airport and we were ready to roll! We landed in Seattle about 10, but we were at budget for our rental car for forever.  I ended up using enterprise later in the week, and I would 10/10 recommend them. So worth the extra 15 dollars for a such better experience. When we finally gout our car the real trip started!

-So we hopped in the car and headed straight to Mount Rainier. And by straight there I mean we went to Panera. ( I got a bomb greek salad and smoothie, best thing I have ever done. The small things right?) Then we went to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for our hike. 

-Mount Ranier: So we packed up the car and headed into the park. We ended up going on the sunset trail. Which was stunning. So A wanted to pack a backpack with food and water. He even packed a jacket in case we got lost. I thought this was nuts. It was a couple of hour hike we are both pretty athletic people. I felt like this was a little over the top.

Then when we got on the trail (I only have a water bottle on hand) We kept going higher and higher, not even 5 minutes in the altitude was killing me. I could barely catch my breath. I could not power walk what so ever, and the room was spinning a little. We got to the nearest lookout to take some water and I told A he was completely right haha! 

Other than that the walk was stunning! This was hands down my favorite part of the trip. Not only was the view and hike amazing, but the drive to and from had great views as well!

-For the rest of the night: it was pretty late so we just went to dinner at a cute little brewery. I had been snacking all day so I wanted something light. I ordered a vegetable plate which I had at other restaurants before. I assumed it was going to be similar to a cheese plate. No. It was literally a plate full of veggies. I was surprised to but at first bite I was in love. I was steamed veggies with a sweet balsamic glaze and this Parmesan dipping sauce. It was to die for. 

-Breakfast:  Everything in Seattle was so fresh. We went to a spot near pikes market. I had some good old eggs and squash. I was amazing. 

-Pikes Market: We went to the famous market. My favorite par was all of the fresh flowers everywhere! The food was fun as well.

-Bubble Gum Wall: This was actually a lot of fun. I had seen a couple of other cities with popular ones, but it was for sure a good  photo opportunity!

-Seattle Shore: We stayed in this area for a while. Across the street from the market is the Seattle Great Wheel. This takes about 15 minutes in the wheel. The only down side is you have to share it with someone else. 

-Coffee: We continued to walk down the water line and got coffee from of course Starbucks. Starbuck had this nitro brew, had all of the benefits of beer but none of the buzz. It was seriously amazing. It was unfortunate that only the Seattle stores had it and none of the suburban stores had it. 

-Old Stove Brewery: this brewery is nothing special. The food is eh, but the view is stunning. They did have this cherry cider that reminded me of a beer in Belgium. Everything in the restaurant was an oatmeal color, but outside you could only see blue. It was stunning and a good place to stop by. ALSO it was so weird it was named after a business from MICHIGAN! What are the odds?!?!

-Olympic Sculpture Park: We had had a brew too many to drive to the park, so it was actually a nice walk here. This park again had a great view and was fun to walk around, but I would not go out of my way to see it.

-Space Needle: We obviously had to go to the space needle because #Tourist. It was a great view, and we went about sunset time, which I would highly recommend. It was extremely crowded, so I would watch out for that. We kind of lucked out where it was extremely clear so we could see everything.

Dinner: From there we went to grab a dinner. (We had kind of been grabbing drinks and snacks all day) We got some small plates and cocktails. This was my favorite place to people watch. Everyone looked like they were having fun and it was right next to a Tesla Dealership!

Sunday came way too quick. To be honest we only ended up going to brunch before I had to make a return to the airport;) 

Ice cream: I went to get ice cream I got the California Cabin because one of my favorite bloggers got it #Na

Overall Seattle was a fun weekend getaway, and it was fun to visit another West Coast city. I just love the mountains, I think it might be neck and neck with a good water view. 


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  1. What a fun weekend. I've been there a few times and can't say enough good things about it!


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