Sunday, September 17, 2017

Michigan Trip Snapshots

Summer is about to end. Which I am extremely sad about due to the fact that I love warm weather and sunsets. Fall is good for football, heeled booties, leggings, and chili. Do not get me wrong, BUT the fall has nothing on summer. 

So with summer coming to a close, I totally forgot to post about my summer trip to Michigan! 

This was actually my longest trip of the year and we ended up staying in a place I had not left for 3 years! MICHIGAN! I could not have asked for a better trip though! So I get off work and head straight there. Little did I know that I would drive through the most intense little red patch of a storm there ever was. I think this is a good time to get gas. Little does anyone know that I am Queen of finding the worst stops off the highway. 

So i get to this gas station an it is barely covered. There is this huge tuck taking up the covered parts, and the rain is like no other. I pump the gas and RUN in to the bathroom. I am drenched. I wore my favorite silk blouse and wet silk is the worst damp material. It is sticking to my body, I am hot and soaked. I get through the storm at sunset and I finally get to the mitten. 

We started off in a beach town and I had my first experience of an intense bike ride. My behind was kicked. From the beach town we headed to BELL'S BREWERY! Dreams had been made. If you have never had Oberon for a summer brew then you are missing out. 

So we spent the day there, and headed to Up North Michigan. This was just in time for  sunset. It was hands down stunning. We went for a boat ride, then watched the sun fall.

Also in case you did not know Michigan has sand dunes and if you really want to people watch this is a great place to do it. I think everyone enjoyed seeing 9 year olds run up the hills and getting tuckered out 5 seconds into it. 

Also in case you do not know, I am athletic. Kidding, I wiped out every time I got up on this, HOWEVER the view of the lake was worth the ride. 

Overall the trip was so relaxing and full of sunsets and lakes. I can not complain anytime I get to kayak.

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