Thursday, September 7, 2017

Let the Games Begin

I do not want to come across as the person who is stuck in her college days.I love my alma mater. I want to give anyone as many tips are possible on post grad and I feel that most of that takes place your senior year. Also going back to school pride even as an alumni I am a huge fan of game day. I can justify this because I have been a fan of college football (slightly march madness too) for forever. Here are some of my favorite game day pics. 

You can tell Jcrew got taken over by a midwester. They have a whole rugby collection that just so happen to be in college football colors. I wore a rugby shirt to pretty much every football game. (even for preseason games with cut offs)
Here are some additional tips to getting the best school gear:
1. Online is so much easier. Just type in your school colors at your favorite store. 
2. Boutiques near your school will have the best stuff, wait for fall semester to start. 



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