Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Club: The Nest

We are back to books! So because I was traveling so much this month books were able to happen. Also if you have not checked it out audible is AH-Maz-ing. I am all about podcast, but sometimes if feels like I have listened to everything. A 10 hour audible book, I thought I was going to get through it in 5 days, and it is half way through the month and it is still going strong.

So this month The Nest is the book of choice. I love a good story where you can hate every single character. The nest is one of these stories. It is a group of siblings that were told they would get an inheritance. With an accident, the money has gone.

You follow their lives, the chaos, and the family love. I think my favorite part is the significance of Rodin’s the kiss. When I was in Paris one of my favorite places was the Rodin Museum. Let me tell ya, there is a lot of naked art. You kind of become immune to it. For some reason Rodin’s The Kiss caught my eye. I looked it walked away and came back two minutes later to take it in. I loved how significant it was in this book. Also the cover is stunning.


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