Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4 Lies You Hear About Senior Year

 It is back to school! Congrats on making it another year. Here are some tips for your last year of college. We are debunking some myths. I feel like senior year is always made to look so glamorous, but it can be a lot of work and great fun hanging with your best friends.

1. It is the most relaxing year: That is the biggest lie. This year was probably the most stressful. I was the most involved, adding on the job search, as well as trying to fit in working so you can save up for life. It was been crazy and no one talks about that.

2. Senior Capstone: When I was a freshman a senior said to me, "No matter what your major is, it will screw you over one day." By senior year, yes you will have some crazy projects due. Mine was not in my senior capstone class, however it was during an upper level classes and it  took over everything. There are major projects you think you will not accomplish, but by the end of it you will come out stronger!

3. You Will Party the Hardest: I think by senior year I not even want to go to random parties anymore. Most of my friends had graduated, and I got the most fun out of sleeping and just hanging out with my friends. #Lame. But seriously spending time with your good friends was so much for fun than going out. (Okay still lame)

4. You will have your life together:  I do not know anyone who has it all at age 21-23. I think everyone is just looking for a job that will be a good stepping stone for the place they finally want to end up. Do not get the comparison bug, try your hardest and rock out the job hunt!


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