Monday, August 28, 2017

Favorite Summer Outfit

Hey what is up hello, my friends! So we have a fun little outfit post. Let me tell you, this is my favorite summer outfit. Now I have worn this a million times. Everyone in my life is sick of me wearing this. I have worn this in every single way possible. 

The one thing I miss about hanging out with my family is being able to constantly overly dressed, and no one cares. Or if I repeat the same ridiculous outfit again, everyone deals with it. So here is my outfit that I have been making everyone put up with for the past 2 months. 

The weird thing about this outfit is I got the shirt on super sale, and I never thought I would ever wear it. However, This is hands down the most comfortable off the shoulder top I have ever worn. I always talk about clothing being like a blanket, and that is exactly what it is. Also you know how off the shoulder can be really tight and almost cut off circulation? This does not have that feeling what so ever.

So I can not leave you without giving something a little extra to you. (The fashion advice is great, but we always want to give a little lifestyle stuff as well). I love the podcast Art of Charm (a fellow michigander is the host) however he goes into some great stuff. (always using social science) Interviewed a navy seal.

What I got from this was, Everything is always going to go wrong. Always. How ground breaking is that? I am so Idealistic, it is almost a downfall. I had not noticed this being bad, until it started effecting my moods. Almost everyday. 

If you think about it, if you know traffic is going to be bad, someone dropped the ball on a project, and you wifi is not going to work. What can you be mad about? Nothing.  Everything went wrong already.

Anyways, everyone have a great Monday. Can not wait to see what everyone brings to the table this week!


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  1. This is the perfect summer outfit! Love the jeans. Summer is the easiest season to dress for, though I appreciate the fall layering too.


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