Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stick with People who pull the magic out of you not the madness

This. Is. My. Favorite. Outfit. Post. Ever. This dress is kind of over the top, but in the words of Mindy Kaling "I like to make everything a thing." Anyways, I love love love this dress so much. It is so fun. This is so great for a girls evening, or brunch with the parents. Or if you happen to hang out at some pretty chic barns, great for that too!

This is a funny story. In highschool more than anything I wanted to have this killer boho style. Basically, I wanted to be a photoshoot from show me your mumuHowever, that is nawwwt  me. As much as I love a carefree look. I am not a care free person. I think my inner me will always be straight lines, tailored, and classic. Not to say that a boho look is not great (because seriously if you can pull it off full time, you are a goddess.) 
This was my one attempt, and seriously it has been my favorite look to date. Sure, you might get a 70s joke, but that is only because it is so noticeable. So grab spotify, turn on Abba and lets do this simplistic summer look. 



  1. I have only met one person who could successfully pull off that Boho thing full time, and yes, she was a goddess, lol. This look, is fabulous on you!

  2. Reminds me of a greek goddess. White looks good on you

  3. I say with that dress, u nailed it. It takes just the right cut for just the right figure to not end up looking dumpy....
    Must say I love the setting as well. :)

    1. Yeah maxi dresses can be hard! The barn is this little one in Iowa, it was a fun place!


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